Saturday, March 28, 2009

A good day !

No pics today! just quick post before I fall on my face from activity! Went to lunch again today with Jami yum Chick fila and short trip to JoAnns , came home for short time then Jeff my wonderful DH took me to the crop at NRH Baptist and got to see all my cropping buds and met new found and some that we didn't recognize till talking. My neighbor around corner as you go to Jami's ...Jody was there and talked a long time. Its funny when you see someone out of element and then figure out how you know them. Small world.....Tracy and her Crew did things wonderfully tonight and made me feel welcomed back and cared for again. It had been a while and now realized missed socializing way too much! because I did not really do anything but move around the room and catch up...Fun!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Staying busy and Home bound getting old!

Man the walls just seem to creep in when you know you can't go anywhere without someone driving you or being there to help you see the ground in front for you. But talked Jeff into taking me to the crop NRH Baptist Church tomorrow night and dropping me off with nothing to work on , and just sit and visit with my crop buddies that have not seen in ages.

these two top pics are things
working on in before pics Santa tin is from those popcorn gifts you get at Christmas and the shoe is for a challenge from bought the shoes to be altered at Thriftown for 2.99 and gonna enter 2 different ideas and got two small baby shoes already done but can't find my camera Jami had it last weekend after me so no telling what is on it or where it is. The Santa Tin is gonna be one of my waste baskets in craft room still working on it not happy with it yet but here it is so far dents and all.
Oh and Toshe on back of the couch.
Got to go out today , Jami and I went and had our sushi fix and then walked around antique mall to get my minutes of walking in. Found some things and will post after camera is found.

Those red things are swirly redbirds they don't really show in the pic that way.
That was the only paper not scraps on it.

Can't wait to turn in some of my challenges though. And Cheryl was surprised when bought stuff from her that I was gonna enter it. I told her nothing keeps me from crafting if I can devise a way to do it. Tyler put my sewing machine on large books to get it to eye level on my table for me this weekend. Bless his soul he also has helped me do batch cooking for Jeff's lunches last couple of days doing chopping and lifting the heavy items. Mom thinks he is a stinker but he has been an angel as well as Toby and TJ through this. They constantly come do things for me. Don't know what kinda schedule Jami is gonna have at Romano's their new restaurant, Jason wants her to work at least 2 days a week. They already have worked day and night cleaning up past owners messes with paint and walls that were not put up properly. But hey have already bringing the sales up sinceunder New ownership was publicised in Decatur paper.
Well time to get off here and get meds and go to bed.
Keep creating !

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend 2 pooped to pop!

This weekend Jami and Jason had a party to go to Can t guees the theme can you? Thriftown gotta love it..Dress 1.99 Shirt 3.99 Old Navy with Lei and flipflops we spent under ten dollars. Jason already had flip flops red white and blue and wore khaki shorts. On The left are the three cuties whp spent the night My grandsons.

Atone point the boys put me thru a 3 and1/2 hour game of UNO Where the cards spit out of a machine at you. Also figured out halfway thru they were cheating to keep the game going longer.....
Jeff did not want me to do the weekend sleepover but didnt know when they would get home but they still did not leave my house Sunday till after 4pm and they got here Sat at around 4:30 to 5pm you do the math. My little angels did not wanna go home to do chores and get ready for school today. I t is well worth me getting so worn out though they are my Dear Grandsons..Her is update of Toby's shiner and graduating colors from the baseball!

It has gotten prettier by the days as it changed into so many hues. But seriously the left corner of his white of his eye is really pooled in blood and Jason tells me he will be ok. Keep creating and have blessed day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break....OUCH!

Well it is spring break for the grand kids right now and it has been pretty weather. so they went out to play and decided to play baseball and youngest TJ throws the ball with Toby not looking and as TJ hollers for Toby to catch.....He did not catch it with his glove but rather His eye....Thank goodness they were on moms watch and not GrandMa's. We joked later that he just thought I was getting to much attention and decided to change it over to him....

Today they were in the country with another G-ma and Jami is having her own Spring break for the next couple of days. And come Saturday they have a party to go to so neck brace and all I am keeping over night, glad DH will be here but they are old enough they kinda do their own thing and they like board and card games so imagine will do some of that with them.....I am still recouping and tick tick ticking away 4 hours a day with my new necklace....Got some things up my sleeve that I am gonna try to do in Craft room one being a contest I wanna be part of so hopefully in few days or next week will have something crafty to view, until then it is Friday ,payday so hoping Jami will take me two more places for supplies for my idea , she was sweet enough to take time for me to look at stuff for me today at the places she needed to go. And Wednesday she dropped me at the boy apartment so I could visit with Matt and then when Casey came home he took me home. Matt had me watch a show he had taped that he thought I would like called KINGS I think , was good..
Well gonna go to bed meds are kicking in .
Keep creating...

Monday, March 16, 2009

New neck ornamentation jewelry

Today Dr office called to tell me a man named Jimmy Rodgers ( In my mind I was visualising the musician my mother used to listen to) LOL would be by to show and teach me something new for the surgery stuff.

Did not know what to expect but matches the brace and that is good since must wear it 4 hrs a day for about 3 months at this point. yippee i yi kiya don't know how to spell my enthusiasm.

Special time effects come along with it if I have phone near I tick or am on the phone can hear it. Also comes with back light for those dark days and resets itself at midnight each day during recharge. assesories included , so special!!!

better news steri strips came off and incision doesn't look bad, I really impressed with the stitches better way better than my knee surgeon..... but if weak don't look at new pic coming up!

Just thought would throw update in for you all out their in blog land, and I can not take credit for this art and jewelry unless I trick it out and have had suggestions to not, Just throw as far as can when thru with all..
Have a blessed day and keep creating!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A good day but a very wet day!

Felt good most of the day ....But also got in trouble with hubby after he found out I decided to be sweet to my kiddos for getting me out of the house today, which isn't the bad part...Jami and I were gonna go to lunch first then Casey called to see where I was and seemed upset... so "said you want to join us for lunch?"
Not realizing Matt was home also and Casey asks ya wanna go meet mom and Jami for lunch? Not thinking of where Jami and I had picked x 4 = Hubby wanting to know where all that money went and where was so and so company, evidently Red Robin doesn't show up on bank as RED Robin and he did not think my answer of , "It went into our bellies was funny!" My Bad, think we have all gotten the right act from him today about taking Mom's happy feelings of not knowing the word NO as much anymore, and help with checks well over 20 ...stressing the well over 20 OR go someplace cheaper.....Oh Well I did have fun and Jami and I went to a store over by Harbor Freight that I can never remember the name of and tryed on hats and jewelry but the ones that would cover my brace she would not let me get or the lime green weaves.... Oh well the red boa would have clashed with the green hair, and that is when she decides to say no and have control...HA HA HA! Was tired when got home but would do it over again.....My baby Casey turns 24 tomorrow, Gotta figure out what I am fixin for his dinner since going out is a bad subject with Jeff today and tonight.....

Happy 24th Birthday Casey My Sweet Son!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I am really starting to hate being homebound!

This brace is the pits, and just hoping I have not picked up anything to heavy as of yet. Wanted to go thru some things in some plastic containers and did not even think about it till I did it... I cannot believe my oldest grandson came over today and I fell asleep in the chair watching Barnyard, I think that is what it is called..

the sad part is I was enjoying the show . Jami brought me Swing Vote for tonight and it wasn't bad and didn't fall asleep on it. Just not sure I did not doze off and miss something somewhere though....LOL
till next time Hope you are being more creative than me in my dreams...
In His Hands..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Forgotten pics of things I finished before surgery!

This is some things I found at Michael's in their kid decor and thought they looked like paint brush and paint bottle holders to me.....Whatcha think?

covered in Ten Seconds Studio's old Red metal before I bought the new red .

Painted all with a sea foam type green then used some distress ink over some of that that wasn't papered or metaled..You can see some of the papers I used in next pic below.

The next pic is back of big bird holder....Left back of bird plain, Just did the outer box part.

Boys had been after me to finish some of the bigger items for their apartment so did it before goin under the knife.....Papers used in their cross collage...largest canvas I that was square maybe 30x30 and don't remember the dimensions of second canvas but do know wooden cross was like 4 1/2 x 6, really not sure but took rosette off of it , thought this metal cross that was white and I distressed with black to go with the rock star black metal looked more like my guys.Papers were a line from Bo-bunny I believe, but don't quote me on that.

Got to use some of new Kabuka molds on this with some cuttlebug folders added in they were really happy with it the day I had them pick up their things.
Really do like the way the cast iron cross that had been painted white looked on the wooden one once I distressed it back to some black in it.

The next item is the first class I took from Tensesconds studios and had never finished and surprised the boys with pis of their grandparents on them.
And when Cheryl was cleaning out the studio over flow and bought this old plastic sign from a store front that had silver plastic in center so pieced some molds and rock star metal for the guys to figure out where they would put it since Casey and Matt are both Cooks but then Casey's name starts with C also. Hope to go see where they have hung all their things when get to go out more.

got some other pics but they did not get the finished items to go with them so will wait. Can't wait to get back into craft room, Casey brought me Three somerset Mags to get me thinking 90 t0 nothing , and already have several things wanna try. But energy level isn't up with the speed of my mind yet.
Have a creative Day tomorrow!
and thanks for the prayers me....
PS ....Wesley is having surgery again tomorrow at Cooks Children's at 1PM We just found out tonight ..think that is why I am not sleeping yet, Not as bad as last surgery but still in brain area ....
In God's Hands

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can't Sleep and wanna do something but can't!

Dr. Lee and Doc Wilson were so nice to tell me to eat lots of ice cream for my throat hurting after surgery and pudding, weren't they nice caramel caribou with chocolate pudding on the side after two wonderful days of a liquid diet....YUMMY YUM..Got to watch it before I outgrow everything...LOL
In bed and not happy at her aim!

She told me smile big, HA HA Ha!

This is what I thought of her after playing with my camera ...Good Halloween pic if you ask me!

Boy It is hard when ya can't do much with your neck in a brace...
My daughter thinks it is funny to take pics of me , at least she erased the ones with napkin hanging out of the brace. All kidding aside she has been my angel keeping things going while I am supposed to rest and Vicki Bell was an angel bringing me her wedge pillow. Any ideas to keep me busy with small amount of looking area please post, anxiety attacks started yesterday with this brace ....... But I know God will get me thru it , my patience is the problem.
Well it is time can take some more meds so off to lala land....
Keep creating
In HIS Hands and Will...