Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life as I go on!

Life as I know it right now is changing! I am venturing into an area similar to past but not quite the same! Above is a sneak of the class I am teaching October 2 at Scrapper's Boutique  in North Richland Hills! This a re- purposed book using Lost and Found papers from MME! The class is call "Sew Right Inventory" and can house all your ink inventory or something else you choose! Ive used the sewing clear stamps from Maya Road to stamp my inventory in sample!
Gee my crazy cat is always under foot unless she is asleep and lately her favorite sleeping place is my lap and she sure can get into weird positions!
I think she is dreaming of being an Olympic diver! hate to tell her she is tooo clumsy to try out just yet! she feel out of the window earlier sleeping today! 
As I was cleaning my Studio decided to take some pics of some layouts and today I wanna share this one about the deer at my sisters ranch and Wesley with a baby that came into the barn unattended by mom! Been thinking about Wesley allot lately cuz he still is under the weather but is going on to school on his senior year although it wears him out! I am so proud of him and the fact he keeps trudging on through all of this! Please remain praying about him as he struggles to go everyday and if mom has to get him early that at least he is encouraging me that things aren't always as they seem!He so inspires me !
        The deer seems to know my nephews tender heart and caring spirit!
Notice the cardboard used in this layout! Don't be afraid to use things around you in the layouts you do! I am
always experimenting with things!

Studio is still in progress but slow now that designing classes!

I have sooo been trying to finish the Studio, but have had to start using it before finishing. So hopefully soon I can post pics that don't look like a cyclone came thru, but for now here is top of my work table (or part of it at least) LOL!
Till next time we meet here....
Keep Creating something Beautiful!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Up way too Early!

Life has been crazy around here as of late trying to get so many things accomplished!
Boys apartment is looking really good and we have hung everything up and all is unpacked! Think they are really liking it! We got blackout curtains for them so they should sleep well during the day! ( they work nights) They had Jami and I over for lunch this past week! for yummy chicken vegetables and they had macaroni and cheese while I brought one of HMR meal replacements to replace the fatty stuff!
Casey my boy!

What my trade for the mac n cheese was!
went Junking and hunting for re purposing items yesterday and came across a few items! Stopped into Cottage Panache to see what was new and found some Seam binding that I was in so in need of!

 Still stressed to a degree about prep work for classes at Scrappers Boutique but so excited also!
     Have a sweet friend who is opening her studio and classes soon in Keller and soooo Excited for her!
Tracy Pounds is her name and her place is The Little Blue House check the links for her location and blog!
I wish the best to these friends on this new adventure. I know they will do great!
   Think I am gonna go see if I can get busy designing some things since I am up tooo darn early! But the weather here in Texas the last two days has been wonderful, supposed to get to low 90's today which is warmer than last two days but sure beats triple digits on the old thermometer any old time!
Well till next time here is another old item I created for my daughter a while back for her house....
With that I will close again by saying Go Create something beautiful in your life!
Till later.....

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Great start to the week!

Haws Family

My grand-Dad and his twin

past metalized project for family

Well you guys this week has really started better than last! Thank goodness for that!

Sunday went to my first meeting of designers and teachers of my local scrapbook store Scrappers Boutique as one of their newest teachers in the near future teaching Metal classes and other things! I am excited as well as freaked out but in a good way! So to Terri my Lil sis I am doing what you said I needed to do! will be posting pics as soon as camera is up and running again! I love Ten Seconds Studio Metal and really love that I will be teaching with it! Cheryl and Megan rock with their Metals and molds! I have been a fan and student for a long time!

Monday went to weigh in and lost 3.5 lbs. Yippee! and while at class found out I won Harry and Davids Fruit of the month club drawing for 6 months.

Tuesday went and met up with friends at Scrapper's Boutique to work on class stuff and visit and so excited with ideas abounding! And actually got some things accomplished!
Got a call before got home to get home to go somewhere with hubby and wound up at Toyota dealership for the night for a car ! You might say I bought my hubby a car! LOL There is inside joke her that if you are a friend ask next time see ya or I will probably spill the beans to ya!
old sign letter metalized for my boys!

Wednesday I am invited to Casey and Matt's new apartment for lunch with them they are fixing me chicken and asparagus yummy! And have a feeling will be helping hang some things for them! We will see what the rest of the week brings!

Have a great day tomorrow and keep creating something good!