Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am sneaking around to look at blogs!

Pain is tolerable thus far but meds make me sleep a lot. Jami has been taking good care of me .Made me my first non clear liquid meals yesterday and today ...Chicken and rice, potato soup and clam chowder today and all were yummy but still partial to my Popsicles.
saw post on paper cowgirl by Cindy Mayfield and wish I knew if would be up to something like that by then , they really showed lots of fun stuff last year. And had to see my Taco Tuesday from Cheryl and Megan today
Miss everybody and have loved having feelings in arms and hands again just week and this brace or as the family is calling it my new jewelry makes me hot and itch, will see what Doc Wilson says tomorrow morning
better get into bed before I get caught !

Sunday, February 15, 2009

3rd times charm?

This is ....lets test Denise's nerves and pain tolerance under distress test......
Well first my surgery was Wednesday the 18th and they canceled because the case in front of mine got to big to do 2 surgeries that day and moved me to Monday the 16th tomorrow at 8:30 am, I tell her okay and at 8PM tonight the nurse calls and tells me that she hopes I am okay with it once again because they have had an emergency surgery arise tonight for tomorrow morning which is too long to do mine safely so now I am scheduled for ...Thursday the 19th at 7:15 am.
Okay now I prepare for it Thursday wondering if moms old saying it come in threes is over or I get changed again to another date.......I know she is an important surgeon but wondering if I will have surgery in my very negative mind set tonight.
So now my list that I tore up and gave up on around 6pm tonight goes into a new list of what I clean and organize before Thursday. And just changed my linens to come home to this afternoon, so now the question is do I change them again before I go or just say heck with it!
Jeff had to change his schedule at work again hoping they stay good sports about this....
Well feel better to get all of that out, now if Jeffy calms down before or until Thursday.
We will have to wait and see on that one. oh well thru with my whining and gonna get ready for bed , lucky I still have my meds so that I can sleep..
Until next time
Hopefully with me in a better mindset...
keep creating!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Man I am Numb with changes!

Well woke up to phone calls and changes to schedules.....
My surgery is now 7:15 on Monday morning
Have to be there 5AM...Oh MY Word I am not a morning person!
tomorrow all pre-ops and MRI and pre Doc visit must be squeezed in before surgery staring at 10AM
Man I thought I had till Wednesday to get things in order, and I am freaking out!!!!
But what else am I gonna do unless I wanted to wait another month....NOT!
Jeff had already taken time for other time slot so now he is trying to change his schedule too.
I am trying to turn this over totally to God and not having full success with my worry part.....OK those of you that know me know that isn't gonna fully happen....LOL
Just thought I would throw this in in case don't get to post later. Now for me to try and finish the cleaning I started....
Keep creating..

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thinking how time goes by Fast!

When I said yes to surgery on the 18th did not realize till nurse called with all the preop dates and tests that it is gonna fly by...

13th is preop at hospital

17th is new MRI at 7:45 and my preop with Dr Wilson at 12 noon

18th surgery although they think it will be 12 noon have to be there at 8am (enough time to get panicked) LOL

Trying to get some stuff done as my body allows me.

Found an old sewing table at a half price day that has a fold up table at the second hand store a couple of blocks away Friday called New 2 u . Love that have four second hand shops in about a mile radius of the house. Jami came and got it for me and she and Tyler brought it in to the craft room for me. Love it because it has twice the table space as portable table did and more storage...3 drawers and two doors that have a large spacebehind them, gotta figure what I am gonna put in them. found it while was checking for a dresser for Jeff's "bike" room, Or as I am calling it the sport themed guest room....LOL

Have to replace batteries then will post some pics

Keep creating something beautiful even if it is in your mind only...till next time


Thursday, February 05, 2009

updates and plans thus Far!

Wesley got to go home and he was eating good and playing video games before they left to go back to Comanche!
PLEASE continue to pray as the healing is still needed to remain on a good course..But God is good and he is the magnificent healer!
Doctor visit today for me.....
I went to the nuero surgeon this morning and have to go to get another MRI next week to compare to see if I have the same damage or if it has gotten worse . This is to see what she actually has to do but will have surgery this 18th. Otherwise it would have been after March and I am ready to feel better now. The nurse said this is a good day to have it because another surgeon is with her that day for the case before me..So its a two fer one!
Not good today though Blood pressure was real high again and have had the neck headache and worse all day long.... Just thought I would get on here and post for a sec....
Keep creating and please keep Wes in your prayers!