Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Forgotten pics of things I finished before surgery!

This is some things I found at Michael's in their kid decor and thought they looked like paint brush and paint bottle holders to me.....Whatcha think?

covered in Ten Seconds Studio's old Red metal before I bought the new red .

Painted all with a sea foam type green then used some distress ink over some of that that wasn't papered or metaled..You can see some of the papers I used in next pic below.

The next pic is back of big bird holder....Left back of bird plain, Just did the outer box part.

Boys had been after me to finish some of the bigger items for their apartment so did it before goin under the knife.....Papers used in their cross collage...largest canvas I that was square maybe 30x30 and don't remember the dimensions of second canvas but do know wooden cross was like 4 1/2 x 6, really not sure but took rosette off of it , thought this metal cross that was white and I distressed with black to go with the rock star black metal looked more like my guys.Papers were a line from Bo-bunny I believe, but don't quote me on that.

Got to use some of new Kabuka molds on this with some cuttlebug folders added in they were really happy with it the day I had them pick up their things.
Really do like the way the cast iron cross that had been painted white looked on the wooden one once I distressed it back to some black in it.

The next item is the first class I took from Tensesconds studios and had never finished and surprised the boys with pis of their grandparents on them.
And when Cheryl was cleaning out the studio over flow and bought this old plastic sign from a store front that had silver plastic in center so pieced some molds and rock star metal for the guys to figure out where they would put it since Casey and Matt are both Cooks but then Casey's name starts with C also. Hope to go see where they have hung all their things when get to go out more.

got some other pics but they did not get the finished items to go with them so will wait. Can't wait to get back into craft room, Casey brought me Three somerset Mags to get me thinking 90 t0 nothing , and already have several things wanna try. But energy level isn't up with the speed of my mind yet.
Have a creative Day tomorrow!
and thanks for the prayers me....
PS ....Wesley is having surgery again tomorrow at Cooks Children's at 1PM We just found out tonight ..think that is why I am not sleeping yet, Not as bad as last surgery but still in brain area ....
In God's Hands

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