Thursday, October 29, 2009

Third Weigh in!

Well missed posting second weigh in which was 2.4 lbs.
Now for the third weigh in which gave me a loss this time of 4.7lbs!
Which brings my weight lost thus far to 12.1 lbs.
It is getting easier finally to stay none hungry and am sticking to my boxes of Shakes and Entrees from Harris Fast even though I still daydream about some foods, but I may always do that, Do know gotta get used to this as my new way for ever to not ever gain my weight back again this time!
Isn't it horrible to be addicted to food?
It would be so much easier if I did not crave food when I am distressed!
Been busy lately with Toshe my Min Pin,
she has been really sick and has problems with her kidneys and had several infections going on , the vet kept her for 4 days and I have had her back to vet once since she was there,
kidney counts and now liver counts still not good.
Have to urge her to eat and take the meds which she hates! And now once a week I have to give her some IV fluids to keep her hydrated which is not fun sticking her. I am really not liking it as much as her but it is keeping her to feeling better at least.
As soon as her antibiotics are gone got to take her back for another test.
Hip Hip Hooray!
Wesley is still doing great after the last surgery!
Praise to our magnificent Lord and Father for answering our prayers!
They are home and he is eating all sorts of things!
Terri said their food bill is for sure gonna go up!
Well till next week !
Keep creating something pleasing to you and others and I will be working hard on my new lifestyle routines!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Second class Second weighin! and PRAISES!

Well off to a good start with Harris Fast and went to my second class night and Weigh in and ........Lost 5.1 lbs this 6 day period since there was not seven days in the first start up!
Hopefully this means things are gonna go smoothly on a down ward drop of pounds. If not will even keep it up till it does.This program never failed me before. One of the assignments this week is to do 50 more calories than last week in Physical Activity.(PA)
Would really like to get out into the yard or walking in neighborhood but rain just keeps coming~soooo Rain Rain Go AWAY! Shue go away for a bit so I can do something outside...Please!
It is hard enough to wake up to grey skies every day and rain ! For Pete's sake it is Texas! The fall weather can stay just not the rain for at least a couple of days!

Well Praise God who is so Wonderful !
Wesley is still in Baltimore but he is still getting better every day, and eating without getting sick at his stomach !
Which is such a blessing!
If he keeps this up they will get to come home the 23rd of October.
So keep up the prayers they are being answered!
Well for now gonna go to bed and try to go to sleep if can. Dreams of creations to come and keep creating one day at a time!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wesley Surgery again and me!

Today was my ~~ birthday and a dear friend Linda gave me this card she made gotta love it! but my picture skills today are really bad! it says~ And You're still looking SHARP!!! Happy Birthday Denise
The front of the card is a girl wearing cactus, nice sharp pointy cactus! That must have been one heck of a photo shoot! LOL
TJ in the middle!
My poor grand baby the youngest TJ was home sick yesterday with upset tummy but no fever and went back today fine, Don't know what but got sick several times and food smells did him in fast.

Wesley In pic below in full western gear,( when he was younger) he is so cute! I miss that smile which never faded in the past but the gleam isn't always there these days at 17 and all he has had to go through! Once again I ask you to pray for him! Tomorrow at 7:30 am Baltimore Maryland time he will again go under the knife at Johns Hopkins to fix a kink in the tubing from the shunt . They took tests earlier today to see if there is blockage or if the tubing has pulled away from the shunt but did not hear the results. Terri is there with him by herself this time because we are praying and hoping this will be a short and sweet procedure this time with no complications! Please keep the family in your prayers will update tomorrow when I hear something

this is the second day on Harris Fast and still having dreams about messing up and food! Hoping it goes like in the past and that dwindles as I get used to only their food and shakes! I am the little train that could or should I say the huge train that can! LOL And did not have to worry about food for birthdays today and that was a good thing! knew what I could have and stuck to it , but man the required water on top of shakes made with water makes for a lot of running last two days.....HMMMM..Wonder if that can be counted into my PA (physical activity) counts! Yea I am full of it today! But I am looking forward to the new me to emerge in following year!
Keep creating! I am and also creating a NEW ME! old As I may be today!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our new Anthologies Store opened!

Wow they finally opened the new store Anthologies this week-end with a bang! lots of good food and friends and Giveaways! I won several things, (kewl things)
2 Little Yellow Bicycle bags
1 Anthologies brown and blue bag(too cute!)
I Cozmo Cricket lace up book kit! and a little flower stamp
1 bag full of bling and flowers
1 bag full of 2 Bohemia papers, several colorful washers, ribbon
Wonderful Studio time 6p to midnight
more food
cute make in take Halloween candy blister pack!
Card for National card day
a little flower using a new tool for a brad cover that I forget what it was called
and did not get to go today for give aways and make and takes but know they had to be fun also!

Have not felt well today but still tried to do some things in the studio and got a few things straighted at least!
Keep creating and see ya around!

If you are in the Mid cities area of North Texas and want to go to a cute store head to Anthologies On the corner of Harwood and Norwood in Hurst Texas! its behind a little bank and beside Apple Annie's which is a cute Retail shop with lots of goodies too! The owner is a great person and would Love to meet each and everyone of you. And need some help creating check out the Create Joy teams classes or just ask for one of their team members Help on a project. They are all nice and friendly gals!