Friday, August 26, 2011

Scrapper's Boutique First Annual Scrapper Consignment Sale

Hey guys Life has hit me hard lately but I am trudging through some things and gonna get back on top of it!
More to come on that in future posts,,

I am so excited for this Saturday and have been crazy working in the studio getting ready for a huge sale from over 30 consignors at Scrappers Boutique this Saturday!

                             Garage Sale!

Come shop at our first ever Scrap Supply Garage Sale!

We have over 30 Consignor's who have cleaned out their stash

and are ready to pass it on to you at great prices!

When:      Saturday, August 27

Time:         10am to 2pm

Please bring laundry baskets or shopping bags to carry all your treasures home!

(Credit cards will be accepted at the sale.)

Hope my nearby Texas buddies will come help us renew our stash by renewing yours!
 I will have lots of bargains including my very lightly used " PINK " Cricut Expression and cartridges and supplies!
This will be a one huge step of  DE-stashing of my stuff to hopefully get me on track of using only current things and downsize in other areas....
.....I know I am dreaming but right now that is a good dream and don't wanna wake up from right this second
                       (insert small violins in background)

I know once a Hoarder always a hoarder,
 I am just not so bad that it wont go out my door,
 cuz believe me it is heading out in boxes tomorrow for somebody special out there for a new home.
 Is it calling your name!!!
Besides that I need the room to move my Mother-in Law in to take care of her in her last stage of Alzheimer's!
Well gotta go and tag some more stuff and go to bed! Hope to see some of y'all at the store Saturday!
Keep creating something beautiful!