Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Long time and no blog! But I WON my 1st Challenge!

Front view!

before view!
Yea ! I won my first challenge ever the other day with TenSeconds Studio's Shoe Challenge!

My third shoe my pain shoe won!
Been going to Doctor visits and trying to get some problems taken care of so it has been a while since I have blogged. gonna have a colonoscopy the 14th of this coming month and a Cat Scan from the Nero surgeon and followup on the 19th. Had my physical last week and still gotta go for mammogram.......Am I having fun yet?...LOL
DH's Insulin Pump company quite business and left a bunch of customers needing something that works! they are all quiting and having problems. And they can't get supplies anymore.
Has taken forever to get in with his endocrinologist but the 12th of next month we will see what our options are gonna be! Praying something good is out there, maybe even an Omni Pod the D- Life shows on their weekly show. something before this one says bye bye....
I know God will see us thru this but sometimes the world sneaks in and takes over with my worry wort mindset.
Looking forward to National Scrapbook day this May 2nd, gonna spend it at Create Joys crop 10 a til 10p and it is gonna be held at my church BBC....That makes me feel good that maybe some of our women will take part with Tracy's bunch of gals cuz I always have a blast at NRHBC at her crops although some signed with one in Denton and I will miss them on Saturday. but I will get to see and old friend Kristy while I am there and possibly catch up with her some.
Well will try to add some things as I get to a photo shot of things!
Until then have a Blessed Day in the Sonshine!
and keep creating!

Monday, April 20, 2009

5th and Final Altered Shoe!

This is the shoe used in the last of the five Shoes that I entered in my first challenge at the TenSeconds Studio Blog .
This shoe represents My dreams and creativity coming back. My Tinkerbell shoe is because in my childhood Disney was always a big thing with me and Tink was really a favorite character with her pixi dust . You just had to Believe!
I guess you can tell in my shoes and in life I am a fan of green. This was one of the shoes I actually had in my closet, what we give up in art....LOL
I used the pink and plum colored metal in this shoe, one of the elements from the new Kabuka molds,Lots of stickers and bling and trim that had bling, some sheer flowers and Prima velvet leaves. of Course some Tink stickers.
some sheer ribbon with a patterned ribbon attached to it. Then some stickles for more bling or "Pixi Dust"
Changed the profile of the shoe totally to use all the elements I wanted to use on this one.
Used the Kabuka collage mold on bottom of the shoe.....

Used stickles all over areas of the edges and any where else looked like some "Pixi Dust"
was needed.

With the piece on the back added it would be an ankle wrap shoe now.

used more elements from new Kabuka mold.

Tink hanging out in the shoe!

well here ya go my Tinkerbell shoe!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my shoes , I sure liked this as a form of therapy as I was recovering from surgery and learning to use my hands without the pain I had before.
Maybe Tink was helping with a bit of her "Pixi Dust"!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful and full week , go out and enjoy the weather or make something or just be with family and friends, but enjoy the time here that we are given.
Lost a good friend this weekend named Marji and hoping she is enjoying a wonderful Homecoming with a full choir singing for her. I will will miss her! I know they have an special Alto part for her in that choir!
Enough said ! Till next time!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fourth Shoe Different Look! But Works for a Sunday Shoe!

Today was the first Sunday for me to go back to Church since my surgery and what a glorious day to go . It is Sunshine and Springy and the music was soooo beautiful this morning and a sermon on Drinking of the well that will quench my thirst forever! My Faith and how it got me thru these last few years is the reason for this shoe , it has lots of symbols with meaning to me!
Angels watching over us , the saying, Walk By Faith Not By Sight!

rocks for the firm foundation I want to build my Belief on and gold sparkles to represent streets of Gold in Heaven in my future Home.
roses come from the thorned bushes all beautiful and clean and smelling wonderful.....Beauty from pain! Death on a cross to raised on the third day wiping my sins clean...all of the above, the grids look like fences caging me in like the world but the roses are on the outside of the fence.
Words on the shoe such as Believe...... Home....... Dreams...... and Hope!

Kiss me pink , ivory, and appletini metals were used as well as other small touches of color.
Lots of bling and bling trim, and stickles.

Took entire top off the shoe this time and made own for the angel and words to be mounted on.
Back of shoe with more of the Roses and grid and you can see the rocks on bottom from all angles.
Hope shows from under the front at base of toe area and at the base of the angels feet.

the angel is multi layers of metal and has a redbird on her shoulder and wears her heart openly for all to see. She is one of my old drawings back from the late 70's early 80's brought out again this time with dimension!

Hope you are enjoying my shoes and having a wonderful Sunday! I am looking forward to a great and crafty week, Hoping to get into the craft room and work on Tyler's curtains and some other artwork been waiting for the time to do it.
Keep creating!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Third actual altered Shoe!

This shoe's title is my pain.....I started this one in my head while going to start the process for my surgery and finished it not long after surgery while still recuperating.Since strength is something I lacked before and just after surgery the real barbed wire from my Sis's Ranch did not get on here, had to make it with rusty wire and black wire I had on hand.
The words come from two songs that I combined the words for the shoe......As time passes I'll one day understand how You have brought Beauty from ashes & made me as gold purified thru these flames. Some day I'll hope again! & there will be beauty from pain! You'll bring beauty from my pain!
There are dangles coming off the rusty can lid used for the top of the shoe. things that not quit assessable to me at the time.

bottom of shoe with metal attached also with a verse from.. Job 11:16....You will forget your misery, You will remember it as waters that have passed away!

back of shoe has some goat bones attached that I found at the ranch from the vertebrae of the goat and in the top one I have a bone looking bird building her nest in the bone.

The ailments my pain have brought onto me are attached with more brown metal over the other collage metal. Wheels were once again used to mimic stitches.

The rusty can lid has a bottle top also rusty attached with broken glass and a rock in it with a coil of rust wire on top of it, also rustic star on front along with other little rusty things.

found the shoes in this at Thrift town for 2.99 the other match to this will be used in the next instalment of my altered shoes.....Took the little front flap off for this one and used brads to attach the can lid to the little metal pieces that were already there. wrapped the side pieces with the wire.

This is the bottom of the shoes in this one just sanded more and just attached metal in center.

Tomorrows shoe is me coming back to my faith and feeling better after surgery and you will see a different type shoe come from this same brown shoe....

Keep creating and see ya tomorrow for the next shoe....
In Him

Friday, April 17, 2009

Altered Shoe #One and #Two!

These are 2 of the 5 shoes I entered into Cheryl's TSS Altered Shoe Contest. Got the idea from a Stampington publication from 2002, just added the metal into it.
I used molds from Ten Seconds Studio and Cuttle bug folders for the embossing on the metal.

I punched some elements from the metal paper mix also for the flowers.

I used Wheels for the stitched look.

ADD bling and buttons also into the mix and walla a baby Girl shoe to Give my daughter Credit for being the angel after surgery.

How about some blue metal and a nest? of brown metal and paper and blue wire? And you have an Empty Nester's shoe to represent the start of this year when my boys moved out of the house and we are alone for the first time in our lives my DH and I.

Alphabet mold from TSS for bottom of the shoe, It's one of my favorite molds.

A kabuka new mold ( collage) from Ten Seconds Studio and wheels for the stitched effect again.

Add some fiber for the laces and a couple of eyelets and you have a little boy shoe called Empty Nester's!
Hope you enjoyed these two will post another actual shoe that was altered tomorrow....2 down 3 to go...LOL Man this is the rainiest day yet and I gotta get out to go to the Doctor in a bit hope the rain stops or lets up while I drive for the farthest I have had to since surgery without my brace for comfort...
Keep creating and Be still and KNOW!