Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life and havoc in aboundance

Had second shot yesterday and felt like a MAC Truck had run over me , After Meds and sleep have more movement without pain and a lot of the pressure is easing, but really really sore Back there.....My Daughter and son in law are moving the next street over to Mom's old house and have to be in there by the 2nd and feel real bad that all I can do is supervise and explain how some things need to be fixed.

She is getting the paint tomorrow because today is all about KILNZING all the horrific things the renters painted without permission , such as the nursery not finished when vacated is Shocking baby blue and red orange....poor child!

Living room was taupe and she semi covered that with Terra cotta the semi covered that and the wood work with dk brown and metallic copper...

Bathroom sprayed 2 walls partially black.......They were young but OM Gosh its ugly and Funny thing is my daughter loves orange but this was tasteless...GAG on it colors....Gonna take pics this afternoon when the kids get out of school and will post when I can...

Keep creating and till next time

Medicated Denise!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I don't get it I WON something again!


My MUSE must want me to get some artwork done.....

I just won this group of product from Heart Warming Vintage and it is sooooo cute!
Felt semi alright today, have headache that won't go away and did some creating today on the family canvas but need to assemble it before I take pics, Hoping to get more done tomorrow...Won't get to go to my Family reunion this year but sending some items on to the auction with some family members. So gotta work next couple of days for sure. The 31st will be here before I finish.
At midnight it will be 7 days till next shot!
Tic... TOC ...Tic ...TOc....Keep crafting and following your Journey of Life...

My angels are working overtime!

Wow I was really down that I am still hurting and then I not only win the Tenseconds Studio gift certificate, I then win a blog entry to Heartwarming Vintage blogspot, My Muse and my guardian angels have been working overtime on me!
Waiting for my second shot to see if the ups and downs mellow out, So I am so waiting to go the 28th. Hoping to do some creating soon, like today cuz so far I am not hurting this morning that bad...Till next time keep creating and hopefully your angels give you the comfort that I feel today from our Lord and Saviour surrounding me...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Better outlook Yahoo! Yipee!

Wow I don't ever win but real little things and I just won a $100.00 gift certificate to TenSeconds Studio from the sale last week, I am so excited and I am also feeling better after my first shot, hoping it lasts and the second one on the28th makes it even better. Still having pain but able to make a fist and actually grab with my thumbs, just not enough to open a bottle of soda.

Even brighter note my nephew Wesley is attending high school all day now for the first time in two years, He still gets tired but no throwing up and doing all on his own ...Thanks to God our great physician leading the doctors hands at John's Hopkins....Hallelujah, Amen!

Keep creating and hoping some of HIS blessings are headed your way!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Shot 1st of 3 tomorrow morning!

I am getting ready to go to bed and I am really confused about how I feel about tomorrows shot. Gonna take him my pics from MRI and he will decide where amongst the C6 and C7 vertebrae he will put the injection all while I sit quietly still in the office, thought I would be alright with it being in the office but I am now worried and it doesn't help that I have been hurting all weekend and today. The apt before that one is for blood work at my regular Doctor and weigh in and Blood pressure check, all about needles tomorrow IS ONE OF THE KICKERS HAVE HEARD YOU REALLY DON'T GET MUCH RELIEF FROM THE FIRST SHOT IT IS USUALLY THE SECOND SO I GUESS WILL HAVE TO COUNTDOWN TO THE 28TH!!!! Fun huh? Didn't craft today and so need to , picked up around here and did hardly anything the way I have been in pain, hoping for better and taking each day as it comes....
Keep Crafting and I will try to do less whining next time.....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got to meet him and get my pic with T!m

I was so excited to meet someone who I have admired his creativity for some time. T!m is so creative ,friendly , and funny.....He has many a joke for his crackling paint line. His boss Alain is great also , He personally showed Stacy and I how to do a grunge butterfly with lots of T!m's goodies attached... We are so thankful they came to our Michael's where we have lost so many of our creative stores.....Just love all of his products and all of Rangers lines, and he really gave us a lot of good tips on using all of them.
Soo many of the Fond Recollections group from Yahoo were there and we probably overwhelmed him with so many of us wanting pics with him , but he was so gracious and patient.
Saturday and today have really been bad days and probably should have not stood there so long watching him demo but it was so cool to see so many techniques at one time and I know I will never remember them all but it was worth the pain to see friends and T!m all at one time....
Just about time for my meds and sleepy time...So until next time keep creating and dreaming !

Friday, October 10, 2008

Man hope I am going to meet Tim tomorrw! I Hope....

Yesterday at the big sale Wendy Vecchi and Caroline from Maya Roads and Ranger dropped in on Cheryl and Megan's Warehouse sale while I was there...All so cool..... Pics are from Cheryl and Megan Darrow....

Almost too jealous of my friends at TenSecond Studios having a visit from Tim himself today at their warehouse sale after being there yesterday . But He is at Michael's re-grand opening 9a-12p tomorrow so hope to meet him there, Just hoping for a good day! Go check TSS blog to see what Cheryl said about this pic she took.

Did not get anything accomplished today , but Jeff my hunny toke Casey and I to see a movie tonight and out to eat at Grapevine Mills Mall. we saw "Billy the Early Years", came out today and it was good showing how he came to be an Evangelist (Billy Graham). For supper had a grilled Mahi Mahi burrito and chips just love the Mexican place in the mall. Tired and hurting from the walking and meds are just now kicking in so its bedy -by time....

Keep creating and may God Bless all your endeavors..


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finished journalling thru pain!

This is the front cover of the journal I have been working on about all my health problems and pain. This is something I saw that Donna Downey put up a video on her website a while back.
I used the pearl metal from TenSeconds Studio and did not have a sheet big enough for the front and back so cut several pieces to put thru my cuttle bug so it would not aggravate my disc and nerves. When I got thru it was to stark so aged it with some of the colors in the journal.
The pages are all out of newspaper I glued together about ten to twelve for each page. I goofed and did not use grommets for all the pages and my rings would not go thru so used some craft wire and do-dads to connect it.

Sleep study and Depression and vertebrae and nerve pages.

Was really fun going thru my mags and books to find things to use, Ive got a new one started to do as I go thru the shots and things to help.....Have not yet figured out any of it till after the 14th of this month . gotta finish my panel for Family reunion and the mini book first hoping my nerves last that long....Keep creating till next time Denise

My Birthday!

random pics of my family......My youngest boy Casey...........
My oldest boy Matt and two youngest Grand kids...............
All three of my grandsons , notice the oldest ones hairdo!
My soul mate, my grandson and my dear son-in-law at CiCi's.
My oldest Jami with two of the grandsons and a friend of theirs

Well I have made another year and made it to the BIG 50!

Wish I couldn't feel every year of it today. 6 day and counting til first shot for the pain.

Been having more and more problems from the disc and nerves, till can't stand it hardly just waiting and praying that the shot will ease some of it. Who knows but God and he has something in store for me just don't know what it is....

Went out to eat tonight with the kids and Grand kids and Matt my oldest boy made me lunch today, since he needed to sleep a little before work tonight. That was so sweet of all of them.
Keep crafting and don't let the Family be neglected, Love them like this was the last , so all those times aren't missed.
May God Bless you in all you do!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Got my PMC back!

I have fallen in love with making PMC thru the knowledge of Cheryl Darrow at TenSeconds Studio and here are the pieces I just got back from the studio that I did on the 27th of September.
Faith Hope and Love (semi polished)
I made this to go with a piece of jade I have from one of Mom's earrings !
Bizarre but the person I made it for , It fits to a T. (semi polished)
Polished pieces above and unpolished below
The square ticket ones (3) gonna make a bracelet out of, Celtic knots earrings to go with a Celtic cross I made beginning of the year. You can see the back of the 2 Faith Hope and Love textured oval piece.
Turtle looking thing in center bottom is the only piece not real happy about it was when I was hurting the worst of the day so impression did not come out to good.....May have to attempt another piece for this person.... I am really shocked any of them came out as bad as I was hurting that day.
Art thru pain comes out a little bit different than when you are not in pain
Till next time God Bless you in each of your endeavors and Keep crafting!