Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fifth weigh in!

Just a quick post to say I have lost -2.5 lbs More bringing the total to 21 now.

Holiday Open House for Anthologies was today and tomorrow. Lots of cool new classes offered and lots of cool Christmas papers and ribbons added! Cute Make and Take also! Went to a crop tonight and finished a baby album for a shower gotta go to on Friday after Thanksgiving for a cousin.

I will post more later gotta get to bed, I am tired!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fifth Weigh in!

Well this has been a good one but late since Tuesday I weigh in again....Lost 4.4 lbs.

Well that brings me to 18.5 lost thus far!


I will not kid you it is hard as the holidays have hit and Thanksgiving is approaching us, especially with Turkey and Dressing around my favs!

But I will make it through it with wings and halo intact, or that is my goal!

I am really bad a t posting right now and lately but gonna try and get my act together this week!

My little dog Toshe is still ailing and it is not gonna get better and that has hit me really hard, becuz at some point we are gonna have to make some hard decisions.

Her kidneys are shutting down , she is not eating and I am giving her an IV 3 times a week now and hate sticking her, she also is now having liver problems...

She was my mother-in -laws dog and it is really getting to Jeff and I both emotionally, with the promise to take care of her after she couldn't as her Alzheimer's progressed.

Enough said on that ..Hope you are having a great Fall Sunday and having your day of rest


Thursday, November 05, 2009

4th Weigh in and before pics!

well I have been doing a lot of layouts this week and classes. they probably think I moved into Anthologies this week, cuz I have been there for three days this week playing but got some things done. 5 double layouts and two single and Hot Metal mommas project plus leftovers went into a double layout today also which brings that to 6 dbl layouts! with pics added. Better than usual for me too lately! Above is a Donna Salazar inspired layout before glued down and embellishments added!

Okay this weeks weigh in was still a negative number but wish it was bigger. Lost -2lbs this week making my 4week total to -14.1 lbs.

Blood pressure is still dropping so hoping to get off of meds soon.

Still struggling with exercise and just wish I could find something that did not cause pain to do!

Guess that is too much to ask don't mind sweating but swollen hurting ankles are hard to take!

Till next time...

Have fun creating and doing what you do ...


okay these are terrible but decided accountability was a go for broke attitude! Hopefully I will be a fastly shrinking woman in the following months!