Monday, March 16, 2009

New neck ornamentation jewelry

Today Dr office called to tell me a man named Jimmy Rodgers ( In my mind I was visualising the musician my mother used to listen to) LOL would be by to show and teach me something new for the surgery stuff.

Did not know what to expect but matches the brace and that is good since must wear it 4 hrs a day for about 3 months at this point. yippee i yi kiya don't know how to spell my enthusiasm.

Special time effects come along with it if I have phone near I tick or am on the phone can hear it. Also comes with back light for those dark days and resets itself at midnight each day during recharge. assesories included , so special!!!

better news steri strips came off and incision doesn't look bad, I really impressed with the stitches better way better than my knee surgeon..... but if weak don't look at new pic coming up!

Just thought would throw update in for you all out their in blog land, and I can not take credit for this art and jewelry unless I trick it out and have had suggestions to not, Just throw as far as can when thru with all..
Have a blessed day and keep creating!

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marylee :) said...

Oh, yes! Blue is your collar, I mean your COLOR!!! Do as they tell you to have long term mobility and creativity sessions!

That device looks like you should be able to summon your care giver to bring you some more ice cream!

Take care - we miss you!