Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey it's Me!
It has been a long while as usual between posting,
 but I am gonna make a go of this blog again and hopefully...       
LIFE won't get in my way again!
My boys are back home with me and its a long story.....
 that I won't go into right now but its been a bit challenging getting used  to them being back home!
Things are getting better every day and  Life goes on!

I have been  following a multi media Ustream, and  doing swaps, and Challenges!
My form of therapy! LOL
Today's post is about a Challenge on Tracy Weinzapfel's blog-
 March challenge:
 You were to take a song and do a multi media item of your choosing!
Mine went into my art journal.You were to incorporate the song and use buttons! You can find it here at: Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

I chose an oldy but goody by John Denver, "Sunshine on my Shoulders"!
I grew up listening and memorizing word for word his songs!
 This one seemed appropriate at the time for Spring and my mood the day of choosing it!

I have really loved getting back into art journaling as an outlet for me! Thru Two Tracy's and  One Susan....I am hooked again!
One is Tracy  Weinzapfel and her wonderful Ustream on Mondays on TWStudios
Two is Tracy Pounds and a fav hangout The Little Blue House in Keller Texas
 and the One Susan is Susan Tidwell One of Tracy Pounds instructors.
Tracy and Susan are longtime friends...check em out at The Little Blue House In fact I have a Miss T Pickers class tomorrow and will post on it later after Easter is over!
I think I used most of the yellows and golds in my paints! along with a tad of orange. I also pulled out my supply of yellow and orange buttons! I took an ad that came in the mail and cut me out this gal from it and deco-pauged it to the page! wasn't having good luck with my stamping on the slick surface so second half of my words are with my little labeler!

On the parts without the buttons just paint on the rays of my sun I doodled with a clear dimensional paint and did dots with a metallic gold!

Here is the song and Lyrics from You tube for you to enjoy! The Pics are where I can get lost in my little dream world!

Life continues in the Cook household and so the saga continues!
I really so plan to get this back and to post more art and other things as I am in the midst of making Life choices right now that will change me this year! Hopefully a healthier me!
Happy Easter and God Bless till next week
Create something beautiful!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two weeks ago after purging tons or so it felt, this is some of the stuff that I took to Waxahatchie for the Hoarders purge sale at the Crafty Scrapper . Did ell only about 20 items were left and I donated them.
This weekend I got to go to a wonderful Retreat with some friends (20)!
It was at a great place in Weatherford call the covered Bridge inn! Think I gained 50 pounds on Pat the owners wonderful meals!
While there tried to get caught up on some challenges and this was going to be a full pictorial of the whole process and Blogger is not co operating in letting me down load them so here is basic that got loaded after 4 hours I only thought I was going to bed early...LOL after only 4 hours of sleep last night! My eyes are really red!
The challenge for Limors Mixed Media challenge for September!
Challenge Guidelines:
  1. Create a project of your choice -Canvas, Art Journal, Tag, Card, Altered item etc.
  2. Project must include at least 1 Recycled household item ( Example: Toilet paper roll, soda can, bottle cap, cereal box etc)
  3. Include at least 1 stamp in your project ( Of course we would love to see you use Unity Stamps but not required)
  4. Theme: this project must be for someone in your life that could use their spirits lifted or someone you just knew this would make a difference with if they received something from you. It could also be someone you know that has been active in your community and making a difference, you decide.
  5. Have a blast!!!!!
For mine I used:
2 Unity stamps CT's tattered chicken wire and Something Within verse stamps
The verse I used on this one says
"Wait for the Lord,
Be strong and take Heart
and wait for the Lord"
It is out of Psalms
I used the patterns from several envelopes from bills a sonic bag and scraps from two projects that were left on the desk were I was playing at the retreat.
Paints mod podge and  blue Ranger spray and several used packs of rubbons and several colors of Faber Castell Big Brush Pens and 2 crafters workshop stencils! S0 here are the pics it did let me download tonight!
Wish Me luck and not telling who this is going to in case she is looking in!
The canvas with my texture papers placed and attached with mod podge.
Picking some pieces of rubons to place on the painted and textured canvas, these from Ten Seconds studio were left over from another project!
The canvas after painting on the papered areas and attaching the pieced heart on top of the canvas
This is the bible verse added with pop dots! and closer look at the texture added by the stencils and stamp of Christy Thomlinson.
This is the finished canvas!
I am worn out and going to bed... Sweet Dreams to all
Create something!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Another Day ready to be done purging and living with total chaos in my studio. For last couple of weeks been going through everything I own and trying to downsize to put it all in Caroline's Hoarders garage sale at The Crafty Scrapper this coming weekend! The community of Waxahatchie is also that weekend having a "Junk in the Trunk Sale" on the square. Sounds fun for someone to load up on stuff after she purged HA HA not! Picks to follow soon of the boxes! Thank goodness Jami helped bag and tag last two days! yeah for my Daughter the helper!
 Recently did my first swap that wasn't in person with a sweet gal named Loren, she recently moved from Texas to California. Well I won't hold against her for that....Just kidding! Usually do swaps with close group of friends or at an event I am attending!I'm spreading my wings! I did this box with a vintage flair! We were to decorate a box and share at least 15 items from our stash with at least 2 handmade by you! O and I had to do vintage things!
 Made her some denim flowers with The tattered flower die from Tim Holtz and then sprayed with some Tattered Angels and then attached em together with some blingy brads from Close to my Heart!
Also did some crinkled seam binding flowers and trim in green and while I was crinkling mad more trim for her! Also threw in some white from when I was making flowers for SB local scrap store!
I filled her box and  I think she was pleased with it!
Here is another journal page from when I started doing pages from Tracy's ustream show on Mondays , this is what I chose for my word for the year.....Have to hold close to my Faith in order to " Let Go and Let God"
Been a semi rough week and I have elephant ankles where I have been swelling ...NOT pretty folks
Be back soon with more hope you are having a great start to Wonderful weekend!
Get up and create something !
 Hugs Neisey

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

August journal challenge

My first  challenge from Tracys Journaling Ustream Mondays!
The August challenge was to do a Journal page about me!
Its busy and jumbled up like me! LOL

Change is good!

Hello all Hope the end of the summer was good to ya!
 It has been way too long and Life has been getting me!
Today is a new start and inspired by some new journaling challenges!
More of that to come!
Hoping not to disappoint again!
New looks and a new attitude!
Took a couple of Dyan Reaveleys classes in Waxahatchie a bit a go ...And Art Journaling has taken me over again! Helps my attitude also!
Made a canvas for a friends birthday not long ago. She likes owls and this is what I hand- made for her!
Well it took a bit to get this all reconfigured tonight but will posting tomorrow with more goodies I have been making!  Gonna spend some quality time with a friend tomorrow and finish purging my horrible mess in the studio, cuz gotta get everything I have been purging tagged and priced and bagged for a garage sale for crafters  at "The Crafty Scrapper" in Waxahatchie!
Hopefully some of my followers have not given up on me!
Keep creating something!