Sunday, December 27, 2009

Long time!

Well I made it thru the holidays thus far staying in the box with my diet but with these pics from thanksgiving food it was not easy to do! Jami and Toby
I am not losing as fast as when I was on the program before and have kinda gotten at a standstill in the 12th week and it is irritating me because I wanted to stay on the Dr supervised part. But I have made some gains in health!
Blake and Lori
I have lost 29.8 lbs thus far and am now off my blood pressure pills. I am working out at 24 hour fitness with my daughter and getting stronger in my exercising. Jami and I laugh a lot at the gym. We also push each other which is good.
I will take another pic this week going into the 13th week and decision time for me and my educator whether I have to go ahead into phase two to protect what I have already done which is no where near a goal!

Gonna set up time with a trainer to see what he suggests at the gym because that is probably what is getting me at the standstill as hard as I have been going at it! We will see!

Have really been down for a while and had not posted when I lost Toshe...Bless her heart all her vital organs started shutting down at the same time. She is so missed but I have added a kitten after several hard weeks of missing her...Not a replacement just a new friend....More of kitty next post!
Toshe in the sunshine freezing she had lost so much weight!

More baby girl was 13 years old at the time of her death and she is left a hole in our hearts that is hard to not feel every day when I expect to see her at my side. Toshe you are so missed by the whole cook and Markle families, you were a good loyal companion , my mother in law did a wonderful job in picking you...To be a part of our lives....
I will be posting soon ...