Monday, August 11, 2008

Life and the Storms!

Update on Wesley: Wesley is not doing real good been running Fever past two days still lethargic and hasn't been able to eat even a cracker and not much liquid...Please pray for healing and for the doc to figure out what is going on ..The shunt shows thru MRI to be working though...Terri and Sherri and the guys are not getting much rest and afraid they will get sick so please lift them all in your prayers...Thanks always His...Denise
Wesley my wonderful nephew a couple of years ago with his gorgeous smile!
Wesley at one of the last family reunions he got to got to 2 years ago...
Man this week has been hard and life just keeps coming at us. The storms feel like they are gonna wipe us out but I know God has full intentions on where we are headed but it doesn't make it any easier. Wesley had his surgery today and it was 6 and a half Hours long and we really only know that he made it thru it....Doc said it was the most complex spiderweb bunch of cysts he had ever seen....and the next couple of days will tell us if all will work with this new shunt system they put in...

Wesley will be in lots of pain for the next few weeks especially since this area is the same one that he has already had soooo many previous surgeries in this base area of his brain. Now if he can just regain some strength an come out ahead this time....Please pray as all of the family doesn't know how long they will have to remain up north in Baltimore Maryland before they get to fly home...They have already been there a week and one day. I go to Doctor tomorrow and hope blood pressure is down with my med he gave me. Then go Thursday for an MRI on the messed up nerve and vertebrae thing.....This path has got to clear at some point we are on don't ya think!!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Broken Down and Hurting

Think this is a great pic of the grandkids from VBS this summer got so many pics to go thru and process from this summer and no time or money...YUK
well have not done anything for a while here and lots going on stuff going on with Mom and the house she is at and My nephew Wesley and my Health all just a bunch of nasty stuff.
Wesley is at Baltimore Maryland and will have surgery this coming Friday , another brain surgery which is not good but the quality of life he is living now is not good either. His MRI showed Multiple cysts where we thought we were only dealing with the one, they Will attempt to put anew shunt system in thru all of them...Doc says he as good results with two but has never seen this multiples before, Sooooo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for guidance and healing from our magnificent healer, gracious Father Lord at this time for all your power and strength to put toward this wonderful precious child of His Wesley.........As for me still have three appointments to go thru to see what can be done with me, and hopefully not as painful as the nerve conductivity test on my L arm, See Doc again Mon to see what might be done to help the pain and tingling caused by my c6 vertebrae and nerves that come out of there....YIPEE!
Just please Keep all of my family lifted in prayer as we go thru all of these trials at this time.
HIS child whether weak or strong....Denise