Sunday, August 29, 2010

MAN I am soo Behind!

Well Life has been kicking at my door again and things just have not been posted in last two Months! Yes indeedy 2 big months that is sooooo terrible!
Life has been changing so fast around here and just trying to keep up with it and it is winning the race.
Here is short version: (not sure there is one)
Had a great time at Paper Cowgirls and learned so much but got all wound up in making 10 swaps! Yes ten which I say I will never do again but had some amazing things given to me from them!
My DH's Insulin Pump started reacting to the Texas Heat this year! They think insulin was going bad in heat and adhesives were NOT Working to hold with his bicycling but close to 100.00 dollars spent in several adhesives we found one that is working! In fact this week-end was the HHH Rally in Wichita Falls and he did great in the back of his truck to sleep and to do 65 miles that morning!
Most of our attacks by nature have been remedied and just trying to keep house cool !
Still attempting to loose more of my obese body but it is slow going right now! Need to get my but in gear and work out at fitness center again!
Grand kids started there school year. TJ is 5th last year of elementary , Toby started his first year of middle school and Dear Tyler is in first year of High School.......Where has time gone!
The boys moved out with a friend from work then moved out this week into their own apartment which I really like the inside and helped them get all their things moved in last couple of days ....boy do I ache!!
Sooo I am an empty nester again! and have been trying to organize and change the studio over to the bigger bedroom and have been doing so for weeks and it is still in progress. I have gotta get her done so I can create in it!
My nephew Wesley is having probs again and still need prayers for him! He turned 18 this past June...Boy I am feeling old! He is a senior this year! Where does time go as you get older ?
I am also fixing to teach for the first time at a local scrapbook store and will start posting more on that in next couple of weeks!
Well really did not have any pics ready to post but updated and change things and honestly am gonna be posting more...
But its 12am and my bed is calling...
Till later
keep creating