Monday, May 26, 2008

Re-Creation of a Den!

This is one area I am starting to fix and take over for my workspace...
Have cleared the shelves of books and bric a brac that was there and now loading with my stuff.
This is the desk I had in my sons room that now sit s in the den with my scrapbook things getting stored away slowly.....Below is the main computer desk where we all work out of and where I am blogging from now....At least it is clean.

The TV and gaming area of the room also Tivo an Movies......

The Den being converted to everyones space, now including my area for crafting and scrapping!
Still quit the mess even though have gone thru and gotten rid of a lot....Believe it or not....LOL
Thought maybe before pics would make me happier once I get all put away and stored....MAYBE MAYBE NOT!!!!! LOL
Well till tomorrow when I get busy again...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long week possibly longer Weekend

Went to crop last night and got some stuff decorated for the craft area, but not ready to show my mass of mess. Had no idea how much I still had since all was in so many different places.

Last night took bunches of stuff I culled from my paper stash organized it in a little organizer so that I could take it each time till it was gone? Someone liked my job so well and the stuff they took it all....Wow

Not many in attendance due to this being memorial weekend but still had fun.

Gotta get on the ball and start posting some pic of what I am doing , but too darn tired.

Got a D decorated for over the desk area and decorated some little tart pans that I got last weekend that were missing their bottoms and they just screamed flower frame to me so beaded around edges and stuck pictures of my blomin' grandsons in them gonna attach them with a sayin' on a shadow box for on the wall.

Well I think I am gonna go to bed and dream of new projects and ways to organize my massive stuff for tomorrow.....

Sweet dreams to all


Thursday, May 22, 2008


My Cinderella layout I finished this last weekend!
Attached behind the pictures on left top pictures are the lyrics to Stephen Curtis Chapmans song Cinderella. I am hoping Gods strength can heal their loving family after tragic loss of his youngest daughter last night and pray for healing for his son and for him to feel Gods presence thru all of this.
Man I am still feeling bad don't know what is goin on.Got some stuff organized today in scrap area it is just really slow when you don't feel up to par. Here is hoping everybody has a great weekend and a wonderful Friday. In His Arms...Denise

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More stuff from weekend

Man what we thinking dressing like that in the 70s?

Man am I feeling ruff after this weeks workouts really hurting today.....Hopefully I will get used to some of it fast..or NOT!

This is the book I had been working on for my daughter and son-in-law and woo hoo! finished it this weekend and it is in her hands...she still has to journal in it though.
More later gonna go soak my hurting legs...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend away at Stolen Moments Inn

Elements of "Circle of Friends" layout I did with pics of old friends and lyrics to song.....

New Friends on steps of porch of Stolen Moments Retreat!!

Stolen Moments Scrapbook Retreat facility in Maypearl Texas! link in one of earlier blogs.

I am exhausted but got more accomplished than I thought I would. Was loads of fun and met some wonderful new scrappy friends always... always... a plus.....Tracy of Create Joy Classes and Cheryl Darrow of Ten Second Studios and a new friend Michelle Rourke she just got her stuff to be a "Close To MY Heart Rep " All was great as usual in class except for some reason I stressed over the length but we had something like 20+ gals taking it with all the techniques...but man The gals were a hoot and so much fun to be around at the retreat, not that they got to retreat much at all since the classes Saturday for Cheryl and Tracy were 10am to 730ish, long day .......They have more get up and gumption than I have these days....
Over the next few days I will show you some of the stuff that I did while I was gone and My daughter and son-in-laws 70s party book I finished.
I am gonna have to work out tomorrow , and not sure my body will work out for me so we will see.
As always in His Hands!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Craft area is getting there!

Well the craft area is going slow trying to organize it may cause me to go loony! Got back from a class earlier and heading to Scrapbook Retreat and class in Maypearl and Waxahatchie tomorrow thru Sunday afternoon. It will be good for me to get away for a bit. Will post pics of where I am on the craft area Sunday Or Monday Got batteries earlier but I am gonna go to bed in a sec, Feel tired and need to get stuff done for tomorrow still.

Here is hoping you have a joyous weekend because I know I will be Happy and Scrappy at Waxahatchie, Sorry couldn't control myself there for a sec....LOL

In His Hands


Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad Day?

Well Today has been a very nonproductive day. Got sick about 3 am and did not do a heck of a lot today cuz couldn't function. Missed my workout and couldn't eat hardly anything today , which is not good on this program...Hopin for a greater tomorrow....This to shall pass...So I hope

Got an email confirmation for retreat and don't really know any one goin except the two teachers but maybe I will get allot accomplished....well gonna go to bed and see if I can get well...Kinda feel like the cow in my polymer clay piece right now!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day although I'm Tired and no head way on project

Man my new fitness and Lifestyle change has got me dragging and also hurting in my muscles! Can't believe it is Mother's Day tomorrow! I am thankful for my crew but said for some that are having sad things happen at this time..But that is a very long story.....Started trying to put me an area for all my stuff so I could create without it all over the place and it is not easy. Think I have made a bigger mess than I had.....Not sure how this is gonna work and still have lots to clear before I get the desk in from other room for me......Till tomorrow!Man just Tried to get picture but battery is dead so until tomorrow after I get batteries!!! LOL

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New program for me!

Well I took a matabolism test at the fitness center to see if it would help with my weight. And started doing the recomendations Monday, One of which is that I wasn't eating enough?????That would be a good thing you would think HUH? Well not for me ..Feel sick from trying to get in all the carbs and protein....And she gave me a new circuit workout with new weight routine...To say the least I can feel getting up and down and just trying to walk. Enough of my whining!

Hopefully I see some results soon or this is really the pits. My brain has not seen this much math since Algebra and Geometry in high school.....To say the least it has been a while..LOL

Hopefully It gets easier over the next 12 weeks...Keep you posted...Hoping to get to work on some projects tomorrow.
This angel was a class a couple weeks back from I made her dress from tulle and a orange bag that I saved from my Wally world oranges.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

crafty scrapper class

Just found out that I am getting to go to a scrapbook retreat May 16-18 at and while we are there gonna take in the shopping and sites of Waxahatchie, Texas. The is having a wonderful lady name Tracy who runs teach a couple of classes there and so we are all going to support and take classes there. It is awonderful little shop at Crafty Scrapper and I am really looking forward to get to go back there and to take a mini scrapbook class also.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Why Grandma's Redbirds?

My Great Grandmother Pearl told my mother stories as a child about Redbirds and the love and luck they bring with them...

Redbirds mate for life and never leave each other too far away.

When my mother Dorcas was passing she wanted me to encorporate the redbirds into my artwork as she had and so I have had the name and redbirds in my endeavors...

Long story short version..


My first attempt at a Blog

Well I decided it was time to attempt this and guess it will take a while to get it to look right and to be able to figure the in and outs of it....Hoping to see what I can create on here as well as posting some of my stuff good or bad.So here is looking to creativity.