Thursday, July 24, 2008

When it Rains it Pours!

Things Have been really wild since I came home from Mission trip. All encompasses my Mother in Law and her care and it is driving us all crazy with swift decisions and whether they are the correct ones for her. Having lots of headaches and feeling stress pretty bad. Have not gotten to even play with all the pics of the trip yet. Jami my dear Daughter snuk in and took this the other afternoon Where Toshe and I were trying to get rid of my headache until I heard a funny noise and giggles out of my grandsons. So much for resting. Two of the three will be going to children's camp as of Sunday and I am praying for a safe and non accident trip. and they will learn something as well as have loads of fun....
Till I get around to pics here is my daughters not so flattering pic of me and Toshe...
Hope you have a blessed day! and a crafty day!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Long Summer Lots to do!

Me at Mission Trip Kansas 07 Cross and Thorns mural!
Well I have been working on the area for me to craft and trying to make my Living room livable again since I had drug everything in there to go thru it as well as the Den where the new one is..Frustrated and taking to long and can't seem to make it all fit....UGHHHH! Getting ready to go to Mission trip we are going to Derby Kansas to a mission church there. Gonna probably stick to Vacation Bible School duties and not try to do construction this year but will see what comes up when get there. At least I am not driving this year my good friend Donna and her Husband John are gonna let me hitch with them....YEA!

Need to start getting things done for trip and have kept working on the room, Oh well always tomorrow.......Have a great day and make something beautiful or fun!

God Bless