Saturday, January 02, 2010

A busy End of the Year 09 into the New 2010!

I have not posted since Toshe's death on the diet cuz I have been frustrated with ups and downs of about -.2 tenths lost this last wiegh in which was +.6 tenths lbs gained. Jeff thinks it is the new exercising at 24 hour fitness that we are doing, since he let me join. Jami and I try to go 5 to 6 days out of the week. Winds up being about 5 x a week though. Trying not to get discouraged but I am off blood pressure pills now which is a $42 dollar savings a month............. ha ha ha ...which now pays for the gym!
Been freezing my tail off so these pics are with my double clothing which Jeff laughs his head off about ... dbl socks, dbl shirts, and most of the time a hoody too! and have not figured out how to double the pants or I would. When home I am under two blankets with all of that also! I know I am goofy, Jeff tells me often especially when I wear similar things to bed when I am freezing; till I can get warm; then sometimes I shed a few things....I need the old fashioned footy pajamas that were out of blanket type material.....LOL!
I am noticing inches coming off though, even if it is messing with my head to not see lbs coming off..I Start a new class on Thursdays this week and get my original educator from Harrisfast from 4 yrs ago; and I just Love Stacy and her humor! Looking forward to hearing her laugh again this coming week ..but will miss Melanie also.... she is a sweetheart!
As I promised here is some pick of our new kitty Gee. this one is with Tyler and her hanging out in my chair! Gee likes hanging out anywhere when she isn't playing!

Here she is in front of me on the coffee table chilling and watching my toes under the blanket, which she is trying to swat me with her paw!
Hanging out under the tree on my table in front of the window!

Gee has been a welcome new member to the house hold and the G kids love to play with her as well as Jeff and I!
Here are some Christmas pics from the party at my brother-in-laws house Christmas Eve!

TJ my youngest grandson My Dear sweet Husband Jeff and my youngest boy Casey!

Three Generations Matt my oldest son, Mwah, and oldest Grandson Tyler!

Cassie my Step Niece, Jami my oldest child and Jason my son-in-law!
Matt and me!
Christmas was small this year in a way but I believe we are just thankful for the family and our health more than anything and looking forward to what this new Year 2010 is going to lay in front of our paths, hopefully the Lord is gonna let it be a less bumpy ride for a month or so if we are lucky!
Have a great and fun weekend and don't forget to create something beautiful whether crafty or just a small moment in time!

Matt , Casey and I! Casey thought he would look shorter if he was on his knees.....He is 6'3" and I am 5'3" a big difference.....Matt is about 6'.....LOL My boys are wonderful as well as my whole family and I Love them greatly!