Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Been a long while!

Boy almost bit off more than I could chew this time...My Lil Sister and husbands ranch has tons to do when you are out there by yourself. Had not gone back to that much lifting or walking in a while since my vertebrae surgery.

Wesley is doing pretty well after surgery, they got home last night from Baltimore Maryland at around 8pm and were sooo glad to be home. They will go to Doctor there at home for periodic xrays to watch the tube in his stomach to see if it straightens out on its own which we are praying for or they will have to go in through his stomach again to fix it but in most cases they do it on their own. So please continue to pray for that as well as continued healing and that the shunts will work wonderfully that they have replaced the system for.

Reunion for the Haws Family is getting close for me to go down there again, to help and see some others of my family. Sherri and Alvin are still in Georgia and doesn't look like they will be home anytime soon. They have gotten a call to head to Kentucky for flooding that has taken place. Went to her new house a couple of times for the granite counters and tile to be put in. looks wonderful if they ever get to come home and enjoy the house and actually get to move furniture into it. It is really peaceful on the lake lot they have.

I will get pictures downloaded soon and start showing some of them. Have been sickly since got back Friday and also catching up on some needed TLC on house and DH. and still got lots to do!

Hope all is well out there in blog world and until next time ...Keep Creating!