Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Life as I know it!

Well it has been quit a while since I have posted and its just been way to hectic as well as emotional here in my world!
I have been working on classes and doing things at the Scrappers Boutique and that is what is pretty much keeping my sanity intact as of late....
I am once again moving my studio to another room.....UGH what a mess , I may show up on hoarders yet!
Situations not in my control dictate that I have to move my dear Mother in law Ma in to the house for the last days. And the best room to place here is that one which is housing the studio right this minute. Also must fix bathroom to be more assessable by Hospice and I to be able to bath her!
I knew all of this was a possibility  when the Alzheimer's started but never thought we would get here to this time!
This is definitely gonna change things around here as I know it! Just praying He keeps me strong and healthy to get thru these trials ahead. And that I can handle watching a loved one pass on to a better place on my watch!
This post is just short and sweet and no pics today will try and get on my computer later this eek and start posting more to keep my sanity!
Sorry if you are here just for my crazy art but my craziness in life goes with it!
Can.t wait to post pics of what i have been creating lately....So till we meet again....Keep CrEAtinG somethin' Beautiful!
PS Trish my crafty friend came up with a name for my metal classes....Metal with Neisey! I love it! Ta Ta!