Friday, March 12, 2010

Weight Loss and Life!

Okay this is not the most flattering picture but I have a T-shirt that has been in a plastic bag in my studio that I was unable to get into for almost a year since orderin it! And I finally got into it a couple of weeks ago and I had the Leader of Create Joy ...Tracy Pounds snap the pic of the first time I am wearing it...Just one of my short goals in a long journey to weight loss. Last nights weight loss with last weeks adds up to -3.8 more pounds off for total thus far of -55.5 lbs lost! I will get a new pic soon of progress!
These are pics from the scrapbook in a day class I took, they are of my album I finished!

then this months Scrapstashers class ..Tracy asked for used dryer sheets, a cereal box and
T-Shirt's with words. Huh I said! but cool 2 page layout with my stuff I took to class!

The T shirts were for the words we all cut each others up. The dryers sheet made ruffles and roses and the cereal box was for the banner to use as chipboard, I will be doing this again , the flowers were so cool in whatever colors the classmates chose , we really had a variety!

Amazing what a dryer sheet some paint and glue and then stickles can make!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy to My Youngest son Casey today!
he will shoot me for posting this but he is my baby and he shouldn't wake up with bed head when he knows I do things like this!
Kinda glad he is living with us right now to celebrate his 25th BiRtHdAy today! Love you Sweet BoY!
and Happy birthday to all my sweet friends who have March birthdays......Cindy , Donna , Jacque, Hannah, and Debbie! Hope you have wonderful things in this new year!
Well till next time and me trying to be a better blogger
...Create something!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Long time and no posts!

Well it has been a long time since I have posted and not sure what has been up with me except just coping with everyday life. Lots has been going on .....The boys moved back in to tidy up some business and are rooming together in one of their old bedrooms for awhile.
Just took some great classes from Create Joy team at Anthologies, and the one I chose to share today is the Scrapbook in a day class. took it with some old friends and some new! And I am way bad on names, so very sorry if I don't post a name by classmates!
Each team at the table had a layout to work on at a time and I buddied up with my pal Linda.
We all completed our books before the day was over and it had allot of steps and techniques to accomplish as we worked on each page!
My pal Joni below was at my table also and she buddied with herself ...Just love her!
We got to play with the sewing machine again on this years class which I love doing in the books, and such fun fabrics!
Linda Meaux on the left sat across from Linda Hahn and I!
And on the table with us was Linda H's daughter old coach which so sorry cant remember her name but she really did a gorgeous job on the butterflies on her pages! Which were painted , stickled and outlined!
below is a cover in progress!!

And here is our paint station across from the sewing machine station! We even Masked and misted on pages this year!

Well the next pictures I chose to share are from the crazy Texas weather this year!
We have had more snow than I can even remember seeing around here this year. It snowed Christmas and then the record snowfall came just before Valentines Day in February which is what these were taken from.
A tree in my front yard over my car!
The grandsons snowman!

The bush by front porch!

Tyler the oldest grandsons Igloo he built!
And I have stayed faithfully on my diet although I am craving fruit and veggies bad!
these were taken at a friends birthday crop Feb 3rd, was so happy because was first time to fit into the jeans I have on....from a 30 to a 22 and I am now 51.7 less lbs as of last weeks weigh in and tomorrow am hoping for another good loss.
We all wore Lynn's favorite color pink at the crop but sadly she was sick this night and did not get to stay. She just now came back to work after having Bronchitis that went into pneumonia then pleurisy. We are all so glad to see her doing better!

Slowly the side view is getting to where it doesn't offend me as much now that it is somewhat shrinking.....LOL!

We also had pictures taken for the church directory and they arrived just a couple of days ago and here are a few of them!

this one they doctored my scar on neck out !
My dear hubby Jeff really hates getting his picture took!

But the guy was doing a good job getting him to grin! And how I love how my sweetheart looks in this one! Well I promise to really try and to get my act together and post more , and will get some picks of the projects been doing on here soon. and have some picks to post yet that need to download from the ole camera!
Till next time which should be shortly Have a good time and create something!
Lost and old friend Husky Forbes today. sadly he will be so missed but he is free of sickness pain and old age aches, because I know he is with Our Wonderful Lord and Savior at this time and loving it! He was a wonderful Christian Man who lived a good and long life and wonderful Steward of the Church! I have many wonderful memories from all the mission trips and Wednesday night suppers that I got to serve to he and Catherine!