Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break....OUCH!

Well it is spring break for the grand kids right now and it has been pretty weather. so they went out to play and decided to play baseball and youngest TJ throws the ball with Toby not looking and as TJ hollers for Toby to catch.....He did not catch it with his glove but rather His eye....Thank goodness they were on moms watch and not GrandMa's. We joked later that he just thought I was getting to much attention and decided to change it over to him....

Today they were in the country with another G-ma and Jami is having her own Spring break for the next couple of days. And come Saturday they have a party to go to so neck brace and all I am keeping over night, glad DH will be here but they are old enough they kinda do their own thing and they like board and card games so imagine will do some of that with them.....I am still recouping and tick tick ticking away 4 hours a day with my new necklace....Got some things up my sleeve that I am gonna try to do in Craft room one being a contest I wanna be part of so hopefully in few days or next week will have something crafty to view, until then it is Friday ,payday so hoping Jami will take me two more places for supplies for my idea , she was sweet enough to take time for me to look at stuff for me today at the places she needed to go. And Wednesday she dropped me at the boy apartment so I could visit with Matt and then when Casey came home he took me home. Matt had me watch a show he had taped that he thought I would like called KINGS I think , was good..
Well gonna go to bed meds are kicking in .
Keep creating...

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