Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can't Sleep and wanna do something but can't!

Dr. Lee and Doc Wilson were so nice to tell me to eat lots of ice cream for my throat hurting after surgery and pudding, weren't they nice caramel caribou with chocolate pudding on the side after two wonderful days of a liquid diet....YUMMY YUM..Got to watch it before I outgrow everything...LOL
In bed and not happy at her aim!

She told me smile big, HA HA Ha!

This is what I thought of her after playing with my camera ...Good Halloween pic if you ask me!

Boy It is hard when ya can't do much with your neck in a brace...
My daughter thinks it is funny to take pics of me , at least she erased the ones with napkin hanging out of the brace. All kidding aside she has been my angel keeping things going while I am supposed to rest and Vicki Bell was an angel bringing me her wedge pillow. Any ideas to keep me busy with small amount of looking area please post, anxiety attacks started yesterday with this brace ....... But I know God will get me thru it , my patience is the problem.
Well it is time can take some more meds so off to lala land....
Keep creating
In HIS Hands and Will...

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cindy said...

Love the pics! :D And glad that you have someone there to take care of you while you recover. Hang in there, you will be up and about soon!