Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life as I know it!

Casey my youngest and Matt my middle child below him...

One of my grandchild's card I made for him...Toby

The card I made Jami and Jason with a pic of her Daddy on the front.

Toby and TJ

Tyler with his Skate board parts

All 3 mass opening of presents!

Tyler handing more presents out!

The title itself this time is quite scary!
Leaks at Daughters house are fixed right now.
Took a small trip to my lil' sissy House and Ranch to visit. but felt so bad and did not get a single pic
That is so not me but was hurting the whole trip and going back to doctor Monday.
If you want a good laugh go check out my friends Tuesday Video for this week....
You have to so go and see the TenSeconds studio Taco Tuesday video,they are a hoot and quite the fun ones to take class from.

Had fun this Christmas and did take some pics for it.Will post when feeling better and download some of the pics I am updating today New Years , still feeling ruff but at least I go back to primary Monday to get next step of him getting me into a neuro surgeon, hopefully fast.
Also suffering already from the boys moving date moved up to this weekend...I think it is called empty nest syndrome.....Jeff and I have never been without kids, Jami was four when we got Married and he adopted her and then Matt came along the next year and 3 more there was Casey....32 years of children under our roof, scared about us being alone together with out the guys here for some reason and have mixed emotions that I do want them on their own.
Enough I am gonna go to bed and start new tomorrow...
May God Bless you in all you do!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bah Hum BUG?

Well Christmas as usual for Samantha at my house but for the third time Jami and Jason are having serious plumbing issues at the house. This time my oldest grandson is the only one small enough to get under the house to fix the pipe last time it was Jami and him! It has been like a swimmin hole under the house! After 2 days with the sump pump this is Tyler below gettin ready to go down under in the mud slush!!!! LOL
The new trash bag look coming to a store near you!!! LOL

Funny thing is they did not stay on where he was trying to dig in to get to the leak...Sorry no pics from him coming out mad and lookin like a mud rat. At least Jason and Grandpa Spry have been able to teach him some things about plumbing!
Well gotta go finish up some things before time to go shopiing for last minute things tonight!
Keep crafting and enjoy your Family and life!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been busy!

Some of the things that have kept me busy....Haven't blogged as much with trying to get Christmas done. I have nearly got the pain back to where I can't stand it and need to go back but trying so hard to wait until after the holidays. This is one of the double sided pendants to interchange with anothe pendant to follow. This side is my sisters and me fishing! This is the other side of my parents and big sis before lil sisters and me came along! The next few pics are the neclace that this pendant will interchange with.. Pmc and shell...The earrings have a brick texture, and the neck pendant has Faith hope and love texture and brick on backside. the small charm on back connection has music texture.

The next items are PMC pendants that will go on 18 inch S. silver and be able to change out...Remember the heart plate holder I was working on for grandson to hang swords on I finished it also.....

The finished metal is with a celtic shape and painted the rest black.
It turned out pretty cool. Working on old photos and putting together a n album for Brother in Law, hope I can finish it although doing it really plain with no bells and whistles..Think it will work though.

Keep creating and hopefully I will be back before Christmas for some more items Finished.
MayGod Bless you in the days to come!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living Christmas Tree and too much shopping!

This a frame I metaled for Jami for Christmas so that it would fit in to the front rooms decor, think she will like it I hope? The pick is of Mom before the alzheimers took over.

This is plate rack turning into sword holder...Sanded finish down then painted it Glossy black now gotta add some black and silver metal to cover the heart on it so it will manly for him

Man was trying so hard not to go anywhere in the mall with all those people and my son in law sent me after some things for the grand kids that they did not even have after he told me that they did.
It felt very claustrophobic to me ...Me no likely! Way tooo crowded in there....

Casey , my hubby , and I all went to the Living Christmas tree at church tonight and it was awesome our multi media crew the choir and the hand bells and the orchestra really sounded great...The music and the message was fantastic...Miss being in it maybe next year I will be feeling up to all the rehearsals and the standing in the tree that long, but it was wonderful to see our choir and director do such a great job on it and hopefully it touched alot of people over the last two nights and tomorrows Matinee performance!
Gotta work on Tylers sword holder tomorrow and get it finished and wrapped....Along with a bunch of others...Got the boys rope chains for their charms I made them for Christmas gotta get the bails done on the charms.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy and life in general!

Well it took a blogging friend to make me realize how long it had been since I actually updated the blog site..So here we go ..Been busy at Jami's and with Christmas gifts and my health has bogged me down some..Have helped get all her stuff at the new house hung and took over the frame that for a whole year had the adopted relatives hanging in the frame now it has relatives that actually belong and it all hangs in the western room so put pics with me my mom Jason's grandparents in western garb Jeff and Clint with their horses when he was littler and then her grandfather Cook and his brother on a horse. TJ is already playing music on all his snow globes, he just loves them.

Here is a look at 2 classes took lately pics of the tag make and swap are really blurry sorry.
Then did a countdown calendar for me which is shown and one for the grand kids which is not shown..lots of pieces their calendar had even more because they are taking off each day and replacing with puzzle pieces that tell our savior birth.

Also did some Styrofoam trees for both Jami and I and I have mine right now on coffee table so that I actually have a tree in the room, Gotta put a tree up for real when get caught up with presents...Will post some of them tomorrow and coming days hopefully.The angel is one I did yrs ago in ceramics and then painted. Bought 2 cute deer that I have placed under Moms cake plate on the other side.try and get pic tomorrow.

The saga of my vertebrae goes on ...Went Monday to pain management follow up and the things that have started coming back means the pain will come back SO also. He said I am candidate for surgery..Have decided to not go back to doc until after the first of year to talk about next steps. Blood pressure has also gone up with each visit and he said it is side of the steroids in the shots...great....enough of that gotta go finish something and get area picked up and moved around so we can put up a small tree at least.
Keep creating and enjoy each others company and love during a season for great celebration Christs Birth!