Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Body Aches!

Man my yard had really gone to the trees and junk since feeling so poorly and having so much pain, then surgery so feeling better which means I want to do more and clean it all up. Well the kids helped cut things down and then today we bundled it all, I started and then Jami and GKids came after three to help, got it all tied and bundled ...but know they won't pick it all up tomorrow but hoping lots of it will be gone.

My body is not used to working out like that anymore... though right now I feel like a truck ran over me and to top it off , I tried to fall at supper in a parking lot after sitting to eat , I got up to leave and it was like my body had other ideas. Luckily there was a van on one side and concrete on the other, missed the step down and just did catch my self enough to plow into the van. Now we are not gonna say exactly where I am hurting from catching it in mid fall, but I am hurting when I walk.....OUCH! ... thank goodness my neck seems okay after all that though just sorta sore there. The rest of my body is not fairing to well..

I am feeling like such a clutz and I scared Jeff my DH to death cuz I made funny noises evidently as I was trying not to fall. Oh well and no pics for funniest home videos either, bummer!....NOT!
Hate to see what I feel like when I lay down for the night and have to get up in the least I will be here by myself to scream or cry by myself>>>LOL

Keep creating whether it is indoors or outdoors.....but be careful!....LOL
PS...I got a new chainsaw in the process today watch out for more trees in the fence line to go when we get rid of the mess from this time!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life in the Cook household!

Yea! We have the first Brick and Mortar Scrapbook store in our immediate area of town again! Not that I don't like Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby but this is just scrapping which thrills a lot of us. Went to their open house yesterday and hope to soon find myself there cropping with some friends..."Scrapper Boutique" in NRH Texas, yippee!

Got to go to my normal crop that is every 4th Friday, This week but just too worn out to get anything really accomplished except catching up with friends!

Yesterday my Daughter and her DH and 3 boys came over to tackle our very overgrown trees in the back and we made some headway and looking lots better. Because of yesterdays activities though outside my allergies are overwhelming me today. My eyes especially. I am so thankful for their help, I could not do this without them.
Today and tommorow looking for my Blessings and hopefully creating!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Tim Holtz inspired necklaces! & Hallelujah pump shipped today!

My first necklace I made in another Create Joy class
is of my parents and I for me. I used green appletini metal and an inked metal bird.
Also made some earrings to go with that have cross and pin from Tim stuff with green glass beads added to them.
Also used graphic 45 green paper and word page as backdrops to the pic of my father as a boy.The back is of my parents and myself.

On the front with one of the capsule doo dads i have an old earring and at bottom dangling is an old mustard seed that was given to me from my grandma and a Tim Holtzs alpha charm that says moments.

The second necklace that some one in the family can bid on at auction this year is my Dad and Uncle In Hawaii during WWII, graphic 45 ship cut out and added with tiny clip and metal embossed with friend.

Metal in background is just stamped with Stazon in and a stamp!
Added the Cherish charm at bottom.

Back of the charm has my dad on base relaxing backed with embossed metal and also his name embossed Also used some more graphic 45 scraps.

Added a mix of old jewelry chain and some glass beads on wire for the chain and then made some Christian fish and glass bead earrings to go with it!
Yea! Jeff my DH's Insulin pump is gonna be shipped today to us and not a moment tooo soon since the other one is only working part time these days!

This is what we are getting no tubing!!! Yippee!

And this is the object of much stress lately that has tubing and is working intermittently lately which is no bueno in Diabetes world! Answers to prayers today!
Yea Jeff has a insulin pump on the way today
Well until next time have fun creating something!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life's moments and patience!

Well today was my last day with my Nero surgeon , Dr. Dianna Wilson....After the longest wait in the Radiology dept. for a CT Scan, got there at 12:00 For pre registered procedure and did not get into the CT room till 1:25.

Then I am told by the tech that Dr. Wilson's office has moved to the Klabzuba tower and no longer in the same building as them. Which is fine until I realize it is on the whole other side of the Harris campus maybe four blocks. By the time I get into her office it is 2:00 and time to wait again. saw her at 3:45. And to be told I am healing great and I can slowly start incorporate other exercise into daily things with slowly adding weight to what i pick up.

Got home around 4:30 and got a call from the Colonoscopy center about my biopsy and it was normal no signs of anything so still don't know what is giving me the IBS, although this is the second day of showing improvement after a couple of months.

So things are going pretty good test wise other than the patience thingy!
Hope our Lab seems to be doing a wee bit better she isn't limping right now but is hard not taking her for walks or letting her run and she is wanting to badly.

My Dh has not heard from insurance yet on his insulin pump but we are waiting and hoping for the pump guy to give us a call, that he is ready to come teach us to use it.

We also got several calls in last couple of days with hospice that looks on my DH's Mom. they are wanting to make sure we are sure about the DNR orders on her as she forgets how to eat and swallow. Mom had this in order before she got bad and for some reason the house hold that she is at never can find their copy and we have to take another one. She is still with us but she keeps going farther to the part where she can't eat. This is so hard for the last 3 years as this disease Alzheimer's takes her so far from us, with her being here still in body.

My oldest grandson is something else, literally. He ha been trying out for a solo in choir for the last couple of weeks for the last concert of the year and got the part! Yes We were so proud until at 8:30 tonight he runs into the room screaming that he forgot the concert was tonight! Yeppers he forgot , no we are trying to figure out someone who was so excited about a solo can forget in 5 hours that he had a big concert tonight! needless to say he missed this one big time!
Maybe there is something in the air today!....LOL or cry don't know which one to do about that boy. Man got kinda windy .......
keep creating and enjoy the life we are handed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

after the Colonoscopy, my lab , and DH!

Well I got thru that test and they did not find the cause of my problem. Slept alot Yesterday and felt draggy all day . and of course my problem is back full blown after each meal...But the best news is that they did not find anything like polyps or bad stuff , Now just gotta wait and see if the biopsy they took has anything come back. Otherwise will be taking some imodium which makes me sick the other way and don't want to do that .

Got pre registered for a cat scan Tuesday for the Nero surgeon to check how I'm healing. Hopefully all is well there. Neck is feeling better all the time. Turning pretty good these days all directions.

My dog Hope has a knee problem that we rushed her to the vet with the other night. Vet said it is not uncommon for dogs of large breeds such as labs. gave her meds and she is taking tramodol for pain like I did before surgery , I think that is funny. But she is feeling better now that she is on that. My poor baby girl might have to have surgery though and that is not good. She is only five and she has a bum knee.

My Dh is gonna get an Omni Pod as soon as the insurance part goes thru...I am so excited for him cuz he won't have the tubing anymore but means both of us learning to load a new machine and connecting it will be another learning curve. The technology is one of the newer right now in the Diabetes world. His endo also told him to cut back to 45 carbs a meal from 70 t0 75 and that is really throwing him the last two days, plus he is going low with the change, Hopefully the changes will get better in next couple of days for him.

well gonna go to bed so maybe I can get up and play a little in craft room tomorrow!

Hope you have a great Saturday!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feelings of a Complicated Life!

Well after Jeff's Insulin Pump Company went under 2 months ago we have wondered what we were gonna do if his stopped working before we got into the Endocrinologist. Today was my DH's appointment to see what our options are and out of about 4 options looks like we are gonna see if insurance will help on an Omni Pod. Which is so cool because he only has to wear the portion that is white, the other portion works like a PDA unconnected to the insulin part. He fills it like we did with his old Pump every 3 days ,but it is wireless no hanging strings to get caught on anything. and it is waterproof also. I have been praying for something good and last time we had a pump quit pumping it was nearly a disaster. Now for the paper work and Insurance stuff, so still gotta wait on time....So hopefully God is still listening to my pleas for the old pump since it is having issues lately.

Next is my procedure for tomorrow....COLONOSCOPY! fun fun.....NOT!
At 5 pm I get to start my cleansing with the first bottle , then at 7 pm the second bottle, Yummy!
After 7 I am unable to drink anything that is not clear, could have coffee or tea before then but also not supposed to drink caffeine after 12 per sleep study. I am so not looking forward to 5pm.
At least I am asleep tomorrow during the procedure at 6:15 am, Jeff has got his work cutout getting me awake that early in the morning without caffeine and hopefully home before 9am according to the nurse.....Hoping the find something treatable and not the nasty things. Having this due to my age.....You know the magical one that comes after 40 and because having problems in that area that have been worse since surgery.......So Dr. Sajid needs prayers to be guided and knowledge to get me on the right track, Hopefully and for me to have calmness in 30 minutes as I start my cleansing YUK YUK YUK!
Creativeness to follow this week as I finish up some items from classes I have taken...Yippee for Movie prep solution !.....NOT!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Martha (MOM) 2007 before all lucid moments were lost!

This is a very hard month for me. May 1st would have been my mothers 75th birthday and then Mother's day today. I miss her so and then my DH's mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't really know us these days and is slowly getting worse.
Her name is Martha Jean Cook, and she was not only my Mother in law she is and was my best friend. I miss her even more than my own mother because she is still here with us , but actually can't partake of the fun I had with my kids and my Gkids this afternoon with all of them here. They have all grown so since she last was at a Mothers day function that she was actually lucid. I often think what she would tell Tyler when acts like his mom Jami my oldest. what she would do with Toby's hilarious actions and then little TJ's new personality that has been emerging this year. And then the changes in my wonderful grown children would amaze her also. It is strange to not have her to confide in or to question decisions I am not sure of. It is hard missing a loving person when they are still amongst you , but not!

Here is hoping you are having wonderful memories of your mother's or making memories with your children on this mother's day...

May God's Blessings shine on you this week...