Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man I am hate feeling this way!

This little shelf has an embossed metal flower on top left corner...."Children are God's flower bud's just waiting to open." the on right top is TJ, bottom right is Tyler and; bottom left is Toby my crazy as their Grandma- my grand-kids! Toby is attempting to eat his foot for me...
You know it is bad when I don't want a visit from any of my kids. The last two days have not been good; The tremor things I was getting before the shots have shown there ugly heads again in my hands. I know this a pinched nerve thing but this makes me feel like my Aunt who had Parkinson's, not able to control the shaking and really wanting to work on stuff. I am counting the days now till the 5th to get the neuro surgeon to hopefully get me going to some place better, without all these drugs......I know I am having another pity party.....Does not help when your better half comes in negative and with a headache and would rather go to bed than stay up with me to feel bad......Oh yea and Jami and Tyler stayed just a short time.....Wonder why?..LOL

Wesley will most likely have surgery in the afternoon again but Please pray for this one since they enter the skull again and this is always dangerous, but they are pulling out the big guns the stealth machine to do this one and that makes Terri and John feel better since imagery is better and clearer.

Well since I am having to correct allot of what I am typing because of my hands I will stop at this.
Here's hoping that your day is bright and your night calm ,
and God brings you sweet dreams as you slumber...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice then Sunshine!

Well as I was trying to do that craft room slide show that kept kicking me out last night ; it was sleeting and raining here in North Texas! Did not get up early enough ( bedtime 3Am) catch the sleet looking like snow. So here is what's happening on my front porch area this afternoon as all is melting or trying to melt.... top pic is my butterfly bush, my female redbird was there but she flew away as I took this...
Next pic is another bush and its ice dripping, refrozen, lovely! Don't know why it makes me happy to see the ice in this form.
This is above my angel at front steps and small garden area! (please try to ignore the weeds and how bad they are in looks, gardening is one of the things I cannot do ...The pain comes quickly if I try.

Hope everyone was safe getting where they were going in this ice storm. My guys got there but not without alot of maneuvering and quit a mess on the roads.
Hope your day is inspiring you to do something creative!
Till next time
God be with you all

Trying to post slide on craft room

Oh Turkey Feathers!!!!Well couldn't get it to work first couple of times so if willing .....scroll all the way to the bottom for the slide show of My craft room....Sorry!

Wanted to get some of the craft room pics on here so here is a go to get them on fast and it has wound up taking all night. Hope this works.

Hallelujah....Wesley came thru surgery #1 fine . now we will see if they do the second one this coming Monday thanks for the prayers and please continue....

I am going to bed I am sooo tired. Who knew pictures would take all day... And on such a cold Icy day...GKids will love not having to go to school tomorrow oops it is today....nitey night!

be creative


Sunday, January 25, 2009

update again about Wesley

They are still at children's and he will have the first of two surgeries tomorrow at 3pm Texas time. This one is to get all tubes pulled out of the stomach area and they are not expecting any trouble with this procedure. Wesley has found a new love due to a Starbucks card my older sis Diane gave him and Terri to use. (They have a Starbucks downstairs at Children's hospital)

He just lights up when he talks about the special salty hot chocolate.

The next of his surgeries if all goes as planned will be a week from Monday and that one will be another cranial to take whatever is removable from there, and then we start from scratch if we get thru and heal from the rest. His biggest complaint Friday was the IV the tape making him itch and the external drain from the last surgery.
I am just praying that Gods will is to guide these surgeons and all attendants in these surgery to do what HE wants done and it is HIS will not ours but that in itself is hard when you love someone so hard.
Miss my Guys went to Mongolian Grill last night to celebrate Matt's B-day which is actually today and he is 27 today. Happy Birthday Son! These were taken at the Ranch of him being goofy with Whitney playing Monopoly.......27?....Love you Matthew!

Till next time keep creating!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Wesley update

Wes had surgery again today, they went in and opened it up to see if they could find out anything. They have come to a conclusion that he has a bad infection in the tube line somewhere. The problem with that is if they do get something to grow from the cultures they will have to go in and replace everything and that covers three areas of his sweet brain and will be even harder on him if he could make it through the surgery. The docs are being pretty negative again on outcome and even Wes is talking about his life. Please pray for all in decisions that must be made in the next couple of weeks and for another miracle to take place in this young mans life.
That is all I can say at this time......

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates on Wesley

Wes is still at Children's Hospital and they took a sample from the shunt area that they just replaced the drain and it was full of fluid which means it still is not working. This is after Terri and John started discussing taking him back to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins, then the better nuero surgeon came in to see them. Manually draining has given him some relief of the pain but this means they will go back into cranial area again and that isn't good either.
Praise God for giving this much relief though Terri actually got to go and get something in Cafeteria and vent to some of us away from the room today. Wesley has not wanted her away from his bed since this started this time. Please keep the prayers going.
Thanks for all who are out there for him, God knows His plan but this is a rough road right now.
May God show you a glimpse of peace today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

update on Wes tonight!

Wesley is not doing well after surgery and Doc doesn't know why he is running fever and hurting so bad . The brain surgery went well and the shunt shows to be working, but he is really upset and Terri doesn't know what to do but to ask for prayers that the pain subsides or gets to where he can handle it. What ever Gods Will is ...Just to let him be able to rest peacefully....We are pulling straws out of our heads trying to figure out why he was doing so good and getting healthier and looking healthier and then this...They are checking into meningitis and other things because found some knots in his back, but scans and blood work show no issues, they are all comin back good.

Please pray for the family and extended family , Sherri and Alvin are still in Washington State working storm claims, Luckily John had some time to take off from post office and is here with Terri ans Wes, Whitney is still in Comanche being watched by a cousin.

Thanks for listening to this....

In HIS hands now and seeking your will


Stupid Pain and future pics!

Well finally heard from the nuerosurgeon and first apointment is February 5th. so not looking forward to surgery but the pain and the pain meds are so not good! Stay doppy most of the time now. I am on ten meds now and have to go by a list, YUK! I am a walking medicine cabinet.

Have gotten most of the stuff out of the den and into the new craft area AKA...Matt's old room. Still missing them, but there apartment is cute with all there stuff, and nearly thru with 2 projects for it.

I am slow but steady as my husband remarked....Hopefully will get pics soon when get some more things organized and hung.but for now here is where It wasn't working in the though you need a reminder of that mess. Or maybe not cant find those pics for some reason. Hopefully by Friday will have some new pics for you though.

Wesley my 16 year od nephew is at Childrens Hospital again and they did emergency surgery this morning for another area and shunt this time, We are hoping and praying that all will be fine won't know if sucsessful until he comes fully out of the anesthesia and can ween him off some of the other drugs. Please pray for what Gods will is for him and to not have pain he has been thru so much and yet another surgery.
Hope you are havcing a great day and keep creating...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Nasty weather and Nasty Day!

Had Doctor appointment today to get him to find me a neurosurgeon for me...Now it is a waiting game to see who calls and how long before I can be seen and when they will do surgery. Until then Doc gave me some new meds for pain and we will see how they help if they do? They gave me a Flu shot and now I feel even worse. Nurse told me it could hurt my arm area muscles for 3-4 days and I think she may be right its worse than the pain I was already in!

The Texas weather has turned cold again and was rainy and cold and grey all day which helped my mood so much...But my oldest Grandson Tyler made my night when they came by that He wants to come help me load some of the art stuff into the craft room tomorrow after school. He is such a cool G-son! And then Matt and Casyey asked Jeff and I to their new Apartment for supper tomorrow night, which means no cooking tomorrow...YEA-HAW! YIPEE! Things may be lookin up tomorrow......."The sun will come out tomorrrow....tomorrow tomorrow...always a day a way..." song goes somethin like that, MAYBE?

Have great day and create something good....


Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's a New Year and still in pain!

Jeff telling those in view to not tell....sure!

My dear Hubby playing around with Jami my Daughter

Jami catching him !

Well I made it to the New Year without going mad with pain. Did do some imbibing to keep it to where I could sleep some but just really don't like the taste of anything... All becuz the doc did not call in the meds I had been taking, at least I was sleeping 6 hours then.......Go to the Doctor tomorrow and am praying that he will give me something to help with pain and get me in to a neurosurgeon quickly. If not I really don't know how much of this I can remain taking.

Trying to get sleepy enough right now to go see if I can sleep at least a couple of hours.

The boys apartment is lookin good, Casey came by to get him some staples I told him he could have for the pantry, and we discussed some pieces of art for me to get busy on.
Don't know how quick I can get to them with every thing messed up around here after moving things out and trying to switch what we did not let them take make sense and then there is trying to put a craft room together when I can't do a lot before I am wincing in pain. Hope to get some things done before 2pm before have to be at Doc, but we will see!

keep creating and look for the small blessing in your path!