Saturday, March 28, 2009

A good day !

No pics today! just quick post before I fall on my face from activity! Went to lunch again today with Jami yum Chick fila and short trip to JoAnns , came home for short time then Jeff my wonderful DH took me to the crop at NRH Baptist and got to see all my cropping buds and met new found and some that we didn't recognize till talking. My neighbor around corner as you go to Jami's ...Jody was there and talked a long time. Its funny when you see someone out of element and then figure out how you know them. Small world.....Tracy and her Crew did things wonderfully tonight and made me feel welcomed back and cared for again. It had been a while and now realized missed socializing way too much! because I did not really do anything but move around the room and catch up...Fun!!!

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