Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A good day but a very wet day!

Felt good most of the day ....But also got in trouble with hubby after he found out I decided to be sweet to my kiddos for getting me out of the house today, which isn't the bad part...Jami and I were gonna go to lunch first then Casey called to see where I was and seemed upset... so "said you want to join us for lunch?"
Not realizing Matt was home also and Casey asks ya wanna go meet mom and Jami for lunch? Not thinking of where Jami and I had picked x 4 = Hubby wanting to know where all that money went and where was so and so company, evidently Red Robin doesn't show up on bank as RED Robin and he did not think my answer of , "It went into our bellies was funny!" My Bad, think we have all gotten the right act from him today about taking Mom's happy feelings of not knowing the word NO as much anymore, and help with checks well over 20 ...stressing the well over 20 OR go someplace cheaper.....Oh Well I did have fun and Jami and I went to a store over by Harbor Freight that I can never remember the name of and tryed on hats and jewelry but the ones that would cover my brace she would not let me get or the lime green weaves.... Oh well the red boa would have clashed with the green hair, and that is when she decides to say no and have control...HA HA HA! Was tired when got home but would do it over again.....My baby Casey turns 24 tomorrow, Gotta figure out what I am fixin for his dinner since going out is a bad subject with Jeff today and tonight.....

Happy 24th Birthday Casey My Sweet Son!

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marylee :) said...

Happy Birthday, Casey!