Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend 2 pooped to pop!

This weekend Jami and Jason had a party to go to Can t guees the theme can you? Thriftown gotta love it..Dress 1.99 Shirt 3.99 Old Navy with Lei and flipflops we spent under ten dollars. Jason already had flip flops red white and blue and wore khaki shorts. On The left are the three cuties whp spent the night My grandsons.

Atone point the boys put me thru a 3 and1/2 hour game of UNO Where the cards spit out of a machine at you. Also figured out halfway thru they were cheating to keep the game going longer.....
Jeff did not want me to do the weekend sleepover but didnt know when they would get home but they still did not leave my house Sunday till after 4pm and they got here Sat at around 4:30 to 5pm you do the math. My little angels did not wanna go home to do chores and get ready for school today. I t is well worth me getting so worn out though they are my Dear Grandsons..Her is update of Toby's shiner and graduating colors from the baseball!

It has gotten prettier by the days as it changed into so many hues. But seriously the left corner of his white of his eye is really pooled in blood and Jason tells me he will be ok. Keep creating and have blessed day.

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cindy said...

only a creative person would notice the beauty of the colors in a black eye! LOL. Poor kiddo, hope is well by now.