Friday, March 27, 2009

Staying busy and Home bound getting old!

Man the walls just seem to creep in when you know you can't go anywhere without someone driving you or being there to help you see the ground in front for you. But talked Jeff into taking me to the crop NRH Baptist Church tomorrow night and dropping me off with nothing to work on , and just sit and visit with my crop buddies that have not seen in ages.

these two top pics are things
working on in before pics Santa tin is from those popcorn gifts you get at Christmas and the shoe is for a challenge from bought the shoes to be altered at Thriftown for 2.99 and gonna enter 2 different ideas and got two small baby shoes already done but can't find my camera Jami had it last weekend after me so no telling what is on it or where it is. The Santa Tin is gonna be one of my waste baskets in craft room still working on it not happy with it yet but here it is so far dents and all.
Oh and Toshe on back of the couch.
Got to go out today , Jami and I went and had our sushi fix and then walked around antique mall to get my minutes of walking in. Found some things and will post after camera is found.

Those red things are swirly redbirds they don't really show in the pic that way.
That was the only paper not scraps on it.

Can't wait to turn in some of my challenges though. And Cheryl was surprised when bought stuff from her that I was gonna enter it. I told her nothing keeps me from crafting if I can devise a way to do it. Tyler put my sewing machine on large books to get it to eye level on my table for me this weekend. Bless his soul he also has helped me do batch cooking for Jeff's lunches last couple of days doing chopping and lifting the heavy items. Mom thinks he is a stinker but he has been an angel as well as Toby and TJ through this. They constantly come do things for me. Don't know what kinda schedule Jami is gonna have at Romano's their new restaurant, Jason wants her to work at least 2 days a week. They already have worked day and night cleaning up past owners messes with paint and walls that were not put up properly. But hey have already bringing the sales up sinceunder New ownership was publicised in Decatur paper.
Well time to get off here and get meds and go to bed.
Keep creating !

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