Wednesday, January 14, 2009

update on Wes tonight!

Wesley is not doing well after surgery and Doc doesn't know why he is running fever and hurting so bad . The brain surgery went well and the shunt shows to be working, but he is really upset and Terri doesn't know what to do but to ask for prayers that the pain subsides or gets to where he can handle it. What ever Gods Will is ...Just to let him be able to rest peacefully....We are pulling straws out of our heads trying to figure out why he was doing so good and getting healthier and looking healthier and then this...They are checking into meningitis and other things because found some knots in his back, but scans and blood work show no issues, they are all comin back good.

Please pray for the family and extended family , Sherri and Alvin are still in Washington State working storm claims, Luckily John had some time to take off from post office and is here with Terri ans Wes, Whitney is still in Comanche being watched by a cousin.

Thanks for listening to this....

In HIS hands now and seeking your will


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cindy said...

Hmmmmm, bless his heart! Will shoot up a little prayer for him. Hope they can figure out an answer soon!