Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updates on Wesley

Wes is still at Children's Hospital and they took a sample from the shunt area that they just replaced the drain and it was full of fluid which means it still is not working. This is after Terri and John started discussing taking him back to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins, then the better nuero surgeon came in to see them. Manually draining has given him some relief of the pain but this means they will go back into cranial area again and that isn't good either.
Praise God for giving this much relief though Terri actually got to go and get something in Cafeteria and vent to some of us away from the room today. Wesley has not wanted her away from his bed since this started this time. Please keep the prayers going.
Thanks for all who are out there for him, God knows His plan but this is a rough road right now.
May God show you a glimpse of peace today!

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