Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice then Sunshine!

Well as I was trying to do that craft room slide show that kept kicking me out last night ; it was sleeting and raining here in North Texas! Did not get up early enough ( bedtime 3Am) catch the sleet looking like snow. So here is what's happening on my front porch area this afternoon as all is melting or trying to melt.... top pic is my butterfly bush, my female redbird was there but she flew away as I took this...
Next pic is another bush and its ice dripping, refrozen, lovely! Don't know why it makes me happy to see the ice in this form.
This is above my angel at front steps and small garden area! (please try to ignore the weeds and how bad they are in looks, gardening is one of the things I cannot do ...The pain comes quickly if I try.

Hope everyone was safe getting where they were going in this ice storm. My guys got there but not without alot of maneuvering and quit a mess on the roads.
Hope your day is inspiring you to do something creative!
Till next time
God be with you all

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