Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man I am hate feeling this way!

This little shelf has an embossed metal flower on top left corner...."Children are God's flower bud's just waiting to open." the on right top is TJ, bottom right is Tyler and; bottom left is Toby my crazy as their Grandma- my grand-kids! Toby is attempting to eat his foot for me...
You know it is bad when I don't want a visit from any of my kids. The last two days have not been good; The tremor things I was getting before the shots have shown there ugly heads again in my hands. I know this a pinched nerve thing but this makes me feel like my Aunt who had Parkinson's, not able to control the shaking and really wanting to work on stuff. I am counting the days now till the 5th to get the neuro surgeon to hopefully get me going to some place better, without all these drugs......I know I am having another pity party.....Does not help when your better half comes in negative and with a headache and would rather go to bed than stay up with me to feel bad......Oh yea and Jami and Tyler stayed just a short time.....Wonder why?..LOL

Wesley will most likely have surgery in the afternoon again but Please pray for this one since they enter the skull again and this is always dangerous, but they are pulling out the big guns the stealth machine to do this one and that makes Terri and John feel better since imagery is better and clearer.

Well since I am having to correct allot of what I am typing because of my hands I will stop at this.
Here's hoping that your day is bright and your night calm ,
and God brings you sweet dreams as you slumber...


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