Monday, January 05, 2009

Nasty weather and Nasty Day!

Had Doctor appointment today to get him to find me a neurosurgeon for me...Now it is a waiting game to see who calls and how long before I can be seen and when they will do surgery. Until then Doc gave me some new meds for pain and we will see how they help if they do? They gave me a Flu shot and now I feel even worse. Nurse told me it could hurt my arm area muscles for 3-4 days and I think she may be right its worse than the pain I was already in!

The Texas weather has turned cold again and was rainy and cold and grey all day which helped my mood so much...But my oldest Grandson Tyler made my night when they came by that He wants to come help me load some of the art stuff into the craft room tomorrow after school. He is such a cool G-son! And then Matt and Casyey asked Jeff and I to their new Apartment for supper tomorrow night, which means no cooking tomorrow...YEA-HAW! YIPEE! Things may be lookin up tomorrow......."The sun will come out tomorrrow....tomorrow tomorrow...always a day a way..." song goes somethin like that, MAYBE?

Have great day and create something good....


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cindy said...

LOL! OK Annie, you are tooo funny! I hope you recovered from your flu shot! : D