Sunday, January 25, 2009

update again about Wesley

They are still at children's and he will have the first of two surgeries tomorrow at 3pm Texas time. This one is to get all tubes pulled out of the stomach area and they are not expecting any trouble with this procedure. Wesley has found a new love due to a Starbucks card my older sis Diane gave him and Terri to use. (They have a Starbucks downstairs at Children's hospital)

He just lights up when he talks about the special salty hot chocolate.

The next of his surgeries if all goes as planned will be a week from Monday and that one will be another cranial to take whatever is removable from there, and then we start from scratch if we get thru and heal from the rest. His biggest complaint Friday was the IV the tape making him itch and the external drain from the last surgery.
I am just praying that Gods will is to guide these surgeons and all attendants in these surgery to do what HE wants done and it is HIS will not ours but that in itself is hard when you love someone so hard.
Miss my Guys went to Mongolian Grill last night to celebrate Matt's B-day which is actually today and he is 27 today. Happy Birthday Son! These were taken at the Ranch of him being goofy with Whitney playing Monopoly.......27?....Love you Matthew!

Till next time keep creating!


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