Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's a New Year and still in pain!

Jeff telling those in view to not tell....sure!

My dear Hubby playing around with Jami my Daughter

Jami catching him !

Well I made it to the New Year without going mad with pain. Did do some imbibing to keep it to where I could sleep some but just really don't like the taste of anything... All becuz the doc did not call in the meds I had been taking, at least I was sleeping 6 hours then.......Go to the Doctor tomorrow and am praying that he will give me something to help with pain and get me in to a neurosurgeon quickly. If not I really don't know how much of this I can remain taking.

Trying to get sleepy enough right now to go see if I can sleep at least a couple of hours.

The boys apartment is lookin good, Casey came by to get him some staples I told him he could have for the pantry, and we discussed some pieces of art for me to get busy on.
Don't know how quick I can get to them with every thing messed up around here after moving things out and trying to switch what we did not let them take make sense and then there is trying to put a craft room together when I can't do a lot before I am wincing in pain. Hope to get some things done before 2pm before have to be at Doc, but we will see!

keep creating and look for the small blessing in your path!


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