Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stupid Pain and future pics!

Well finally heard from the nuerosurgeon and first apointment is February 5th. so not looking forward to surgery but the pain and the pain meds are so not good! Stay doppy most of the time now. I am on ten meds now and have to go by a list, YUK! I am a walking medicine cabinet.

Have gotten most of the stuff out of the den and into the new craft area AKA...Matt's old room. Still missing them, but there apartment is cute with all there stuff, and nearly thru with 2 projects for it.

I am slow but steady as my husband remarked....Hopefully will get pics soon when get some more things organized and hung.but for now here is where It wasn't working in the though you need a reminder of that mess. Or maybe not cant find those pics for some reason. Hopefully by Friday will have some new pics for you though.

Wesley my 16 year od nephew is at Childrens Hospital again and they did emergency surgery this morning for another area and shunt this time, We are hoping and praying that all will be fine won't know if sucsessful until he comes fully out of the anesthesia and can ween him off some of the other drugs. Please pray for what Gods will is for him and to not have pain he has been thru so much and yet another surgery.
Hope you are havcing a great day and keep creating...

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cindy said...

Slow, but steady is always good! ;D