Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got to meet him and get my pic with T!m

I was so excited to meet someone who I have admired his creativity for some time. T!m is so creative ,friendly , and funny.....He has many a joke for his crackling paint line. His boss Alain is great also , He personally showed Stacy and I how to do a grunge butterfly with lots of T!m's goodies attached... We are so thankful they came to our Michael's where we have lost so many of our creative stores.....Just love all of his products and all of Rangers lines, and he really gave us a lot of good tips on using all of them.
Soo many of the Fond Recollections group from Yahoo were there and we probably overwhelmed him with so many of us wanting pics with him , but he was so gracious and patient.
Saturday and today have really been bad days and probably should have not stood there so long watching him demo but it was so cool to see so many techniques at one time and I know I will never remember them all but it was worth the pain to see friends and T!m all at one time....
Just about time for my meds and sleepy time...So until next time keep creating and dreaming !

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cindy said...

You lucky gurl! We were hoping, a couple of Sat's ago, that they would drop by our LSS, cause we had Wendy there, doing a tag class...but no such luck! Glad you had a great time.