Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life and havoc in aboundance

Had second shot yesterday and felt like a MAC Truck had run over me , After Meds and sleep have more movement without pain and a lot of the pressure is easing, but really really sore Back there.....My Daughter and son in law are moving the next street over to Mom's old house and have to be in there by the 2nd and feel real bad that all I can do is supervise and explain how some things need to be fixed.

She is getting the paint tomorrow because today is all about KILNZING all the horrific things the renters painted without permission , such as the nursery not finished when vacated is Shocking baby blue and red orange....poor child!

Living room was taupe and she semi covered that with Terra cotta the semi covered that and the wood work with dk brown and metallic copper...

Bathroom sprayed 2 walls partially black.......They were young but OM Gosh its ugly and Funny thing is my daughter loves orange but this was tasteless...GAG on it colors....Gonna take pics this afternoon when the kids get out of school and will post when I can...

Keep creating and till next time

Medicated Denise!!!!

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cindy said...

Medicated Denise! Poor baby! I hope you get to feeling better. And those colors, LOL, yep funny how not everyone likes the same thing, isn't it?