Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Birthday!

random pics of my family......My youngest boy Casey...........
My oldest boy Matt and two youngest Grand kids...............
All three of my grandsons , notice the oldest ones hairdo!
My soul mate, my grandson and my dear son-in-law at CiCi's.
My oldest Jami with two of the grandsons and a friend of theirs

Well I have made another year and made it to the BIG 50!

Wish I couldn't feel every year of it today. 6 day and counting til first shot for the pain.

Been having more and more problems from the disc and nerves, till can't stand it hardly just waiting and praying that the shot will ease some of it. Who knows but God and he has something in store for me just don't know what it is....

Went out to eat tonight with the kids and Grand kids and Matt my oldest boy made me lunch today, since he needed to sleep a little before work tonight. That was so sweet of all of them.
Keep crafting and don't let the Family be neglected, Love them like this was the last , so all those times aren't missed.
May God Bless you in all you do!

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