Thursday, October 02, 2008

Got my PMC back!

I have fallen in love with making PMC thru the knowledge of Cheryl Darrow at TenSeconds Studio and here are the pieces I just got back from the studio that I did on the 27th of September.
Faith Hope and Love (semi polished)
I made this to go with a piece of jade I have from one of Mom's earrings !
Bizarre but the person I made it for , It fits to a T. (semi polished)
Polished pieces above and unpolished below
The square ticket ones (3) gonna make a bracelet out of, Celtic knots earrings to go with a Celtic cross I made beginning of the year. You can see the back of the 2 Faith Hope and Love textured oval piece.
Turtle looking thing in center bottom is the only piece not real happy about it was when I was hurting the worst of the day so impression did not come out to good.....May have to attempt another piece for this person.... I am really shocked any of them came out as bad as I was hurting that day.
Art thru pain comes out a little bit different than when you are not in pain
Till next time God Bless you in each of your endeavors and Keep crafting!

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