Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life as I know it!

Casey my youngest and Matt my middle child below him...

One of my grandchild's card I made for him...Toby

The card I made Jami and Jason with a pic of her Daddy on the front.

Toby and TJ

Tyler with his Skate board parts

All 3 mass opening of presents!

Tyler handing more presents out!

The title itself this time is quite scary!
Leaks at Daughters house are fixed right now.
Took a small trip to my lil' sissy House and Ranch to visit. but felt so bad and did not get a single pic
That is so not me but was hurting the whole trip and going back to doctor Monday.
If you want a good laugh go check out my friends Tuesday Video for this week....
You have to so go and see the TenSeconds studio Taco Tuesday video,they are a hoot and quite the fun ones to take class from.

Had fun this Christmas and did take some pics for it.Will post when feeling better and download some of the pics I am updating today New Years , still feeling ruff but at least I go back to primary Monday to get next step of him getting me into a neuro surgeon, hopefully fast.
Also suffering already from the boys moving date moved up to this weekend...I think it is called empty nest syndrome.....Jeff and I have never been without kids, Jami was four when we got Married and he adopted her and then Matt came along the next year and 3 more there was Casey....32 years of children under our roof, scared about us being alone together with out the guys here for some reason and have mixed emotions that I do want them on their own.
Enough I am gonna go to bed and start new tomorrow...
May God Bless you in all you do!

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