Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bah Hum BUG?

Well Christmas as usual for Samantha at my house but for the third time Jami and Jason are having serious plumbing issues at the house. This time my oldest grandson is the only one small enough to get under the house to fix the pipe last time it was Jami and him! It has been like a swimmin hole under the house! After 2 days with the sump pump this is Tyler below gettin ready to go down under in the mud slush!!!! LOL
The new trash bag look coming to a store near you!!! LOL

Funny thing is they did not stay on where he was trying to dig in to get to the leak...Sorry no pics from him coming out mad and lookin like a mud rat. At least Jason and Grandpa Spry have been able to teach him some things about plumbing!
Well gotta go finish up some things before time to go shopiing for last minute things tonight!
Keep crafting and enjoy your Family and life!

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