Thursday, December 18, 2008

Been busy!

Some of the things that have kept me busy....Haven't blogged as much with trying to get Christmas done. I have nearly got the pain back to where I can't stand it and need to go back but trying so hard to wait until after the holidays. This is one of the double sided pendants to interchange with anothe pendant to follow. This side is my sisters and me fishing! This is the other side of my parents and big sis before lil sisters and me came along! The next few pics are the neclace that this pendant will interchange with.. Pmc and shell...The earrings have a brick texture, and the neck pendant has Faith hope and love texture and brick on backside. the small charm on back connection has music texture.

The next items are PMC pendants that will go on 18 inch S. silver and be able to change out...Remember the heart plate holder I was working on for grandson to hang swords on I finished it also.....

The finished metal is with a celtic shape and painted the rest black.
It turned out pretty cool. Working on old photos and putting together a n album for Brother in Law, hope I can finish it although doing it really plain with no bells and whistles..Think it will work though.

Keep creating and hopefully I will be back before Christmas for some more items Finished.
MayGod Bless you in the days to come!

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