Sunday, December 14, 2008

Living Christmas Tree and too much shopping!

This a frame I metaled for Jami for Christmas so that it would fit in to the front rooms decor, think she will like it I hope? The pick is of Mom before the alzheimers took over.

This is plate rack turning into sword holder...Sanded finish down then painted it Glossy black now gotta add some black and silver metal to cover the heart on it so it will manly for him

Man was trying so hard not to go anywhere in the mall with all those people and my son in law sent me after some things for the grand kids that they did not even have after he told me that they did.
It felt very claustrophobic to me ...Me no likely! Way tooo crowded in there....

Casey , my hubby , and I all went to the Living Christmas tree at church tonight and it was awesome our multi media crew the choir and the hand bells and the orchestra really sounded great...The music and the message was fantastic...Miss being in it maybe next year I will be feeling up to all the rehearsals and the standing in the tree that long, but it was wonderful to see our choir and director do such a great job on it and hopefully it touched alot of people over the last two nights and tomorrows Matinee performance!
Gotta work on Tylers sword holder tomorrow and get it finished and wrapped....Along with a bunch of others...Got the boys rope chains for their charms I made them for Christmas gotta get the bails done on the charms.

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