Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Martha (MOM) 2007 before all lucid moments were lost!

This is a very hard month for me. May 1st would have been my mothers 75th birthday and then Mother's day today. I miss her so and then my DH's mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't really know us these days and is slowly getting worse.
Her name is Martha Jean Cook, and she was not only my Mother in law she is and was my best friend. I miss her even more than my own mother because she is still here with us , but actually can't partake of the fun I had with my kids and my Gkids this afternoon with all of them here. They have all grown so since she last was at a Mothers day function that she was actually lucid. I often think what she would tell Tyler when acts like his mom Jami my oldest. what she would do with Toby's hilarious actions and then little TJ's new personality that has been emerging this year. And then the changes in my wonderful grown children would amaze her also. It is strange to not have her to confide in or to question decisions I am not sure of. It is hard missing a loving person when they are still amongst you , but not!

Here is hoping you are having wonderful memories of your mother's or making memories with your children on this mother's day...

May God's Blessings shine on you this week...


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