Friday, May 15, 2009

after the Colonoscopy, my lab , and DH!

Well I got thru that test and they did not find the cause of my problem. Slept alot Yesterday and felt draggy all day . and of course my problem is back full blown after each meal...But the best news is that they did not find anything like polyps or bad stuff , Now just gotta wait and see if the biopsy they took has anything come back. Otherwise will be taking some imodium which makes me sick the other way and don't want to do that .

Got pre registered for a cat scan Tuesday for the Nero surgeon to check how I'm healing. Hopefully all is well there. Neck is feeling better all the time. Turning pretty good these days all directions.

My dog Hope has a knee problem that we rushed her to the vet with the other night. Vet said it is not uncommon for dogs of large breeds such as labs. gave her meds and she is taking tramodol for pain like I did before surgery , I think that is funny. But she is feeling better now that she is on that. My poor baby girl might have to have surgery though and that is not good. She is only five and she has a bum knee.

My Dh is gonna get an Omni Pod as soon as the insurance part goes thru...I am so excited for him cuz he won't have the tubing anymore but means both of us learning to load a new machine and connecting it will be another learning curve. The technology is one of the newer right now in the Diabetes world. His endo also told him to cut back to 45 carbs a meal from 70 t0 75 and that is really throwing him the last two days, plus he is going low with the change, Hopefully the changes will get better in next couple of days for him.

well gonna go to bed so maybe I can get up and play a little in craft room tomorrow!

Hope you have a great Saturday!


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marylee :) said...

Our lab, Honey, had surgery on her little elbow (it was elbow dysplasia) when she was about 18 months old (maybe younger). She had to go to a place where horses go for a bone scan.

Y'all get on the mend quickly.
Happy scrapping today at home.
It's a great day for it!