Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life's moments and patience!

Well today was my last day with my Nero surgeon , Dr. Dianna Wilson....After the longest wait in the Radiology dept. for a CT Scan, got there at 12:00 For pre registered procedure and did not get into the CT room till 1:25.

Then I am told by the tech that Dr. Wilson's office has moved to the Klabzuba tower and no longer in the same building as them. Which is fine until I realize it is on the whole other side of the Harris campus maybe four blocks. By the time I get into her office it is 2:00 and time to wait again. saw her at 3:45. And to be told I am healing great and I can slowly start incorporate other exercise into daily things with slowly adding weight to what i pick up.

Got home around 4:30 and got a call from the Colonoscopy center about my biopsy and it was normal no signs of anything so still don't know what is giving me the IBS, although this is the second day of showing improvement after a couple of months.

So things are going pretty good test wise other than the patience thingy!
Hope our Lab seems to be doing a wee bit better she isn't limping right now but is hard not taking her for walks or letting her run and she is wanting to badly.

My Dh has not heard from insurance yet on his insulin pump but we are waiting and hoping for the pump guy to give us a call, that he is ready to come teach us to use it.

We also got several calls in last couple of days with hospice that looks on my DH's Mom. they are wanting to make sure we are sure about the DNR orders on her as she forgets how to eat and swallow. Mom had this in order before she got bad and for some reason the house hold that she is at never can find their copy and we have to take another one. She is still with us but she keeps going farther to the part where she can't eat. This is so hard for the last 3 years as this disease Alzheimer's takes her so far from us, with her being here still in body.

My oldest grandson is something else, literally. He ha been trying out for a solo in choir for the last couple of weeks for the last concert of the year and got the part! Yes We were so proud until at 8:30 tonight he runs into the room screaming that he forgot the concert was tonight! Yeppers he forgot , no we are trying to figure out someone who was so excited about a solo can forget in 5 hours that he had a big concert tonight! needless to say he missed this one big time!
Maybe there is something in the air today!....LOL or cry don't know which one to do about that boy. Man got kinda windy .......
keep creating and enjoy the life we are handed.

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