Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fourth Shoe Different Look! But Works for a Sunday Shoe!

Today was the first Sunday for me to go back to Church since my surgery and what a glorious day to go . It is Sunshine and Springy and the music was soooo beautiful this morning and a sermon on Drinking of the well that will quench my thirst forever! My Faith and how it got me thru these last few years is the reason for this shoe , it has lots of symbols with meaning to me!
Angels watching over us , the saying, Walk By Faith Not By Sight!

rocks for the firm foundation I want to build my Belief on and gold sparkles to represent streets of Gold in Heaven in my future Home.
roses come from the thorned bushes all beautiful and clean and smelling wonderful.....Beauty from pain! Death on a cross to raised on the third day wiping my sins clean...all of the above, the grids look like fences caging me in like the world but the roses are on the outside of the fence.
Words on the shoe such as Believe...... Home....... Dreams...... and Hope!

Kiss me pink , ivory, and appletini metals were used as well as other small touches of color.
Lots of bling and bling trim, and stickles.

Took entire top off the shoe this time and made own for the angel and words to be mounted on.
Back of shoe with more of the Roses and grid and you can see the rocks on bottom from all angles.
Hope shows from under the front at base of toe area and at the base of the angels feet.

the angel is multi layers of metal and has a redbird on her shoulder and wears her heart openly for all to see. She is one of my old drawings back from the late 70's early 80's brought out again this time with dimension!

Hope you are enjoying my shoes and having a wonderful Sunday! I am looking forward to a great and crafty week, Hoping to get into the craft room and work on Tyler's curtains and some other artwork been waiting for the time to do it.
Keep creating!

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Suzette said...

Beautiful shoes. Aren't you creative! It took me a bit to discover who this blog belonged to since I couldn't find a picture of you. Thanks for the comment and keep up your gorgeous creations!