Saturday, April 18, 2009

Third actual altered Shoe!

This shoe's title is my pain.....I started this one in my head while going to start the process for my surgery and finished it not long after surgery while still recuperating.Since strength is something I lacked before and just after surgery the real barbed wire from my Sis's Ranch did not get on here, had to make it with rusty wire and black wire I had on hand.
The words come from two songs that I combined the words for the shoe......As time passes I'll one day understand how You have brought Beauty from ashes & made me as gold purified thru these flames. Some day I'll hope again! & there will be beauty from pain! You'll bring beauty from my pain!
There are dangles coming off the rusty can lid used for the top of the shoe. things that not quit assessable to me at the time.

bottom of shoe with metal attached also with a verse from.. Job 11:16....You will forget your misery, You will remember it as waters that have passed away!

back of shoe has some goat bones attached that I found at the ranch from the vertebrae of the goat and in the top one I have a bone looking bird building her nest in the bone.

The ailments my pain have brought onto me are attached with more brown metal over the other collage metal. Wheels were once again used to mimic stitches.

The rusty can lid has a bottle top also rusty attached with broken glass and a rock in it with a coil of rust wire on top of it, also rustic star on front along with other little rusty things.

found the shoes in this at Thrift town for 2.99 the other match to this will be used in the next instalment of my altered shoes.....Took the little front flap off for this one and used brads to attach the can lid to the little metal pieces that were already there. wrapped the side pieces with the wire.

This is the bottom of the shoes in this one just sanded more and just attached metal in center.

Tomorrows shoe is me coming back to my faith and feeling better after surgery and you will see a different type shoe come from this same brown shoe....

Keep creating and see ya tomorrow for the next shoe....
In Him

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